“As we constantly try to fill the ever widening holes within us with more and more frenetic activity and stuff, our frustration levels grow.       Feeding ourselves through the creative process, in all its many forms, can produce almost miraculous changes, which lead to a sense of well being and fulfilment.”   Janet Weight Reed from ‘The Apple Exercise’

Before we take a look at some of the group’s work,  I want to thank three beautiful women who make it possible for all of us to have so much fun at the School in Olhao.

I look forward to seeing them in person this October.   We miss you so much…

Joanna, Margarida and Camilla – 21192388_1633115536721920_90386551072864859_n-2

People usually sign up for my workshops in order to loosen up, hone their observation skills and have some fun.  

Based on my life long belief that the ‘creative process in all its many forms is the key to emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing’ there is no better time than the present to feed our naturally creative souls.

The work shown here is from those who have been following my virtual worksop.     Some have attended previous workshops…others I am meeting for the first time.



LIZ GRANT  –  A still life inspired by the Olhao Market


LIZ GRANT   –  loose detail of the pineapple .


NAN beautifully rendered trees 



Fish from Olhao fish market.20200419_120706

WARREN – A loose watercolour of members of the group sketching in an Olhao town square. 


JILL (1) A wonderfully expressive rendition of the courtyard olive tree.



Janet. April 2020


Before we look at more student work….here are some of my favourite tips

  1.  WARM UP – using newspaper, envelopes wall paper lining, but warm up.
  2.   Only use photographs as a JUMPING OFF POINT.   Don’t become a slave to the   photograph
  3. Observe everything from different points of view…..
  4. Sketch with brush using yellow ochre watercolour rather than pencil
  5. Always remember the NEGATIVE SPACE
  6. A clean wet brush with no paint – helps to avoid mud!
  7. Move colour around the picture to achieve balance and harmony.
  8. Everything reflects and everything is interconnected.
  9. Fifteen minutes a day practise can do wonders….
  10. DOODLE
  11. ALWAYS carry a sketch book
  12. IGNORE those pesky little CHATTERING MONKEYS –  that clutter your mind with negative nonsense
  13. Painting with children helps us to free us up.
  14. ENJOY.

WARREN –  A great view of Olhao rooftops and the Lagoon beyond….20200418_144111


LIZ GRANT–   Thank you Liz for this wonderful warm up on newspaper….I think this should be framed along with your peppers on newspaper:)IMG_1189

LIZ GRANT.  –  From a newspaper warm up to a more formal painting. 


NAN – a wonderfully alive and loose warm up exercise…


NAN – Cala Lilies


NANBoat on Armona Island- very still and quiet


JILL (2) – a superb rendition of fish from the market.  There’s something of KLINT in this image. IMG-20200420-WA0006

WARREN – a gentle watercolour from the old tidal Mill – expressing the quietness of the day. 


WARREN –  a classic Olhao subject….with lovely light, loose washes


MOIRA – Olhao Market – loose and energetic


DORA – Reflections a loose and lively warm up


DORACala Lilies (1) – capturing the architectural quality of the flower. 



DORACala Lilies (2)


WARRENOne of the many areas to sit and paint at the School 


 MOIRAolive tree in courtyard. – energetic brush work


DORA – water birds. 



DORA – The tidal Mill – reflections – a sense of mystery?


MOIRACala lilies…strong image


LIZ GRANT –  From Olhao Market. 


LIZ GRANT- an excellent loose detail taken from the previous image.


WARREN – Olhao boat


TESSAOlhao Market


TESSA – tree reflections



Don’t compare your work to others….only to your own progress. 

Making art is not about the end result….it is about the process and DOING IT.

Stay away from negativity….

DOODLE until you begin to relax and warm up……..

And please IGNORE those negative Chattering Monkeys….

And most importantly KEEP PAINTING:)

As I have done for many years, I will continue to post tips and tutorials on this blog. 

Thank you – as always it’s been a lot of fun…


Oh and don’t forget to pick up these little gems at the Olhao fish market.   I eat one every day. 




45 thoughts on “DAY 7 – Final day – STUDENT ART EXHIIBIITON

  1. Warren Clayburn

    Many thanks Janet, it’s been fun. I had a wonderful time with your inspirational thoughts and ideas. Might just have to use that time on the plane home to try a local scene.

  2. Dora

    Thank You Janet for a fabulous week of tutorials. It was an exhausting and wonderfully creative week. I cannot wait
    To give you a huge, well deserved hug. Stay safe dear Janet. XxxDora

  3. Moira

    What a fabulous week! Thank you Janet for your words of wisdom and encouragement (your Important Tips are my new bible!) and for sharing your incredible skills with us. I loved being back in Olhao with all you amazing, lovely, talented people and look forward so much to a real return there soon. Loved everyone’s creations! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Dora

    Thank You Janet for a wonderful week. Your tutorials were great. I can’t wait to give you a huge, well deserved hug. An exhausting but fantastically creative week! XxDora

  5. davidjrogersftw

    Janet, I’m so happy you went ahead with the workshop. We were hoping you would. All the works produced are beautiful. There is so much talent in them. And of course, there is your ability to bring that talent out. Very impressive.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning and thank you so much David. Virtual workshops and.much more will I believe become the name of the game. Given that I have been posting on this blog for many years and giving tutorials, it’s the obvious way to go for me until thing change to where we can move around again. For now, Europeis shut down and from what the government and scientists are saying here it will be probably at least a year that social distancing has to be in place…which means of course getting on planes, teaching groups etc. will not be easy…unless I do it VIRTUALLY, which. until I hear anything different is what I plan to do. Sending my best wishes to you Don and all the family. Janet:)

  6. snowbird

    It has been an absolute pleasure following your workshops each day. You are a talented artist and teacher amongst other things. As soon as I have a chance….when it rains…I’ll be getting my paints out!!! Love and hugs,

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you very much Dina…I will look forward to seeing you painting in your courtyard/garden. You certainly have enough wonderful subject matter at hand. Stay well. Janet XXX

  7. davidjrogersftw

    Thank you for introducing us to your friends, and for the beautiful works and your great directions for painitng. You say always carry a sketch book, I’m a writer. I carry pens. Everyone knows that. If they need a pen they put out a hand without saying anything and I stick a pen in it.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning David…I am often looking for pens and so now know where to come:). I hope you received my last comment on your blog. When I post on it, for some reason it doesn’t look right? Regardless you are very much in my thoughts – and I do hope the twins are doing well. My next VITUAL trip will be to my son and his partner’s horse farm in Amish country Pa.. I was scheduled to go there towards the end of May…and so will go but Virtually:). Best wishes to you and Don. Janet 🙂

  8. davidjrogersftw

    Hi Janet. Do you like black ink pens, or blue, or red? I have to know for when we meet. I hoped you read my post and might comment, but I;m sorry to say it hasn’t reahed me. Ill contiue looking for it. I would like to see it.

    A horse Farm–remnds me of seeing a picture of you, I think, in a cowboy hat. When I was seventeen and eighteen left Chicago for adventure and I hitchhiked and rode freight trains in the west. Frontiar Days in Cheyenne Wyoming bring togther all the great cowboy contetsnats in the world in roping and such. I went through there duriung that festival. I was filthy and my hair long, and I had a heavy pack. As I walked I past a bench where a bunch of old guys were sitting. One of them called to me “Howdy cowboy, ” and i replied “Howdy Old timer.” To be called a cowboy by an old timer–what a thrill for A chicag guy.. I’ve told that story to many people and the women aren’t fazed, but men always say, “Wow. That’s cool.”

    Stay well. Don says hello.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      I usually use black however when desperate I will use any colour on offer…..
      I sent a long response to (not your last post but the one before) – I am not sure what’s amiss…but we will get it sorted out one way or t’other.
      I think you are referring to the photograph of me and my fellow artist friend Bonnie Halsey ‘Dutton in Deadwood South Dakota. where we looked like bandits:).
      As a woman I will say WOW that is cool. My dear Father who died far too early aged 62, loved American history and anything to do with the Wild West. He would have loved the story and even more wanted to have been. in your situation.
      Bonnie’s husband Dave Dutton’s family homesteaded their ranch in S. Dakota. They have just. been given a special award by the States of S. Dakota for the longest running family ranch in S. Dakota. It was on their ranch that some very famous dinosaur fossils were found….and now they lease a lot of the land to ‘Ducks Unlimited’ – It is a fascinating place to visit.
      One more thing – Bonnie’s Dad was the principal of Deadwood High School….to me that is so cool:). You and Don have a lovely day….stay well and keep writing. Janet:)X

      1. davidjrogersftw

        I did get your comment on the Raymond Carver/John Gardner post, if that’s the one you mean. I approved it and answered it, and I see it on the post. Thanks again for it. I believe everything is OK.

  9. Judith

    This is absolutely awesome! I love the tips. As you know, I’m playing around with watercolors and doodling now, so this is exactly the sort of thing I need. I especially like the reminder of doing “warm-ups”. That’s going to become part of my morning routine.

      1. Judith

        🙂 I wrote a post earlier which mentions your blog… not sure when it’s scheduled. I included a link to your post with the tips. It will publish on Thursday, I think.

      2. janetweightreed10 Post author

        Thank you very much..really appreciated. I have posted a ‘Starting from Scratch’ post today with the list of tips plus one or two new ones. Hope your creative juices are flowing. Janet :)X

      3. Judith

        Just coming into the studio this morning… ready to do a few little warm-ups. I’ll hop over to your blog to read your new post!

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