My VIRTUAL trip to Amish Country Pennsylvania via Memory Lane.

Normal comings and goings in front of the farm….33243551_10156349361520396_4071160561704894464_oThis VIRTUAL trip replaces what would have been a scheduled holiday with my son Jarrod and his partner Kendle on the farm they manage in Pennsylvania Amish Country.

Much of it for me is a walk down memory lane.     On my way I will be filling sketch books and hope that those who choose to join me will do the same.

Jarrod and Kendle have known one another since they were six years old.  Kendle’s Mother is an artist friend…and Kendle’s grandmother made my daughter’s banky boo:).    A fine equestrian, Kendle grew up in the saddle. 70800894_10157531101340396_7379809878266609664_oFirst a little history.

As I board my flight at London Heathrow – destination Philadelphia, Pa.  I think about all that has happened during the 54 years since I first visited the States in January 1966.

Fresh out of art school and recently married, I agreed to go to the States for a two year visit.    My first husband had family living there and wanted to experience it for himself.   I was twenty years old.

We sailed on the SS United States liner from Southampton to New York….where we took a Greyhound bus to Miami.    There we were met by my husband’s uncle who drove us to Key West Florida where we stayed for three months.

It had been an exceptionally rough Atlantic crossing causing most passengers, including myself, to be sick.     However my sickness didn’t go away.    Two months after arriving in Key West it was confirmed that I was pregnant.

Jarrod was born on 10th September 1966 in Ft. Lauderdale’s brand new Holy Cross Hospital.     His birth, (for which I will be forever grateful,)  changed the direction of my life. 

Jarrod 54 years later with chicken 🙂69863982_10157531101090396_7659675350342828032_o

My first marriage was dissolved and in 1968 I was a single mother living on Staten Island New York with a young child to support.      A friend got me an interview at White Weld & Co. on Wall Street as a Gal Friday.    (I had no idea what that meant).         I was young and my mind quick…and so it wasn’t too long before it was suggested that I take the examination to become a registered representative with the New York Stock Exchange.      I passed and became one of the first female registered representatives  to work on a block stock trading desk.

I commuted to Manhattan on the Staten Island Ferry and watched the twin towers being built.

(much more about this and other chapters of my life in a book I am writing)

This would eventually lead me to White, Weld’s Philadelphia office where I met my second husband, Bill Reed.     We were married in 1972 at the historical ‘Beehive’ on South Concord Road Birmingham township, very close to the Amish Country we will visit on this trip.

I lived and worked in the West Chester Pa area for 23 years.   Both children grew up and went to school there.    West Chester is where my career as a professional artist began and it was at the Chester County Arts Association that I had my first solo exhibition in 1976.    So many happy memories and life long friends come from that time.

Two of the houses I lived in during those twenty three years were built by the Amish. They are fabulous builders.      (Photographs will follow….)

All of these thoughts and many more are moving through my mind as we cross the Atlantic.

Upon arrival Jarrod is waiting for me and ready to drive the 50 miles back to the farm.   Such a happy moment and as you can imagine non stop talking all the way.

Arriving at the farm….

received_574648123163311Amish life across the road from the farm. 20180524_161748_resized_kindlephoto-302450113And waiting for us are the Twins – like little sentinels.received_559715284951806A quick watercolour of the Twins…..20200309_160358Although born in London, I grew up in Kent and so am a country girl at heart.    Being surrounded by landscape and many animals is what I love.

And then there is Sheila the dog – loads of chickens and of course Kendle and Jarrod...27073119_1797380796939373_6812206861815963387_nTime to relax on the deck and listen to Jarrod the musician serenade me while I make a quick sketch.  These are the special moments in life. received_2601736246598918After more conversation Kendle (who is a fantastic cook) brought our quiche  and salad for a lovely supper. received_286213369060388

And then to bed.

Tomorrow…fresh farm eggs for breakfast, a tour of the farm and sketching.   Plus more about the Amish neighbours.

My plan is to share what I am doing in my sketch book each day.   For those who wish to join me on my VIRTUAL holiday please feel free to use any of the images on this blog as JUMPING OFF POINTS for your own sketches. 

After I return to London I will do some tutorials from some of the sketches. 

As far as subject matter is concerned….we have landscape, portraiture, animals, hummingbirds and the Amish..…See you tomorrow.













29 thoughts on “My VIRTUAL trip to Amish Country Pennsylvania via Memory Lane.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you – it is a place I love to visit…but am much happier in the UK/Europe…I suppose I have. had the best of both worlds. Enjoy your weeks. Janet 🙂

    2. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Hi Jen. I can’t understand it but it indicates that you are the author of my latest blog! Sometimes WordPress completely blows my mind. When I put my address into search engines…the blog comes up. Do you have any ideas? This technical stuff baffles me. Janet 🙂

  1. mizatavares

    You are getting better and better with your writing my dear Janet! Excelling yourself, I say! I always find your posts interesting of course, and I admire you as an artist, but I think this book of yours is going to be a bestseller ❤️🤗
    I stopped writing years ago but now I want to go back to it! 😍 much love, see you soon xxxxxxx

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Hi Miza…That is some compliment and I thank you for it. I am enjoying writing more and more and am now getting the courage to write about what’s really going on inside of me, past and present. Glad to hear that you are thinking of getting back to writing…it’s an incredibly creative way to express ourselves.. Hoping all is well with you and the family and yes, I look forward to much to seeing you in person soon. Janet XXX

  2. Writing to Freedom

    Thanks for the lovely tour Janet. I’m enjoying getting to know the woman behind the beautiful painting. You’ve had a very interesting life. Kudos on having such an adventurous life filled with family, love, and travel.

  3. Carol Balawyder

    Janet, I truly enjoyed reading your post and looking at your photos. I was also happy to learn that you are working on a book about your life, which should be very interesting as this post revealed. Stay happy, motivated and creative. ❤

  4. snowbird

    How wonderful! Really enjoyed this. I for one will be buying your book, as I’ve said before, what an interesting life you have and continue to have lived.xxxx

  5. Jane Owen

    Wow Janet how long did it take to get to the U.S. on an Ocean liner? I should imagine at least five days. Thank you for the virtual tour of the Amish Country. How fun to live on a farm. Those quiches look divine. Your son and his wife are fortunate to live out in the Country. Your life sounds a lot like mine although Your is more accomplished than mine. I always enjoy reading your posts and viewing your wonderful pics. 😆😁😄

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you Jane. It took five days to cross the Atlantic…you are right on the money. Glad you are enjoying The Amish Country…and yes the farm is lovely. Take care. Janet XX

  6. davidjrogersftw

    Janet, it is very pleasant and nostalgic going back with you to your early days here.. Key West, New York stock exchange, Pennsylvania, marraiges, son. Thank you. Now I go on to part two.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      It’s good to start writing about all the comings and goings in my life….Interestingly although I was only involved with Wall Street from 1968 til 1972 – along with meeting my second husband it has continued to play an important part in my life. My boss from that period is still a good friend and when visit Christie in Boston we always spend several days with Sandy and his wife Barbara on their farm on Lake Champlain. When he first interview me in 68 I was 22 and he was 29…..amazing.
      Thanks for reading David…note my next Virtual trip is to the Brecon Beacons in Wales…..

  7. davidjrogersftw

    Janet, yes, write about your life by all means. Tell me more. You have so much to work from and as important you have the ability in writing to dramatuze it. Not many peop-le can do that but you and I are born story tellers rattling on in a way that appeals to people. You material is your life from early days on andi s replete wth meanings and twists and turns that cry out to be shared.. So do….

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      I have been writing about my story which is although I say myself very interesting…:) I am still not sure whether to write it as a novel or an autobiography. If I go the latter route it reads like a novel:). I am enjoying the process. As always thank you for your encouragement. I respect your judgement and comments so much. Janet

  8. davidjrogersftw

    I would make it an autobiography-memoir using some techniques of novel writing. That is how I write my personal essays–what I write most of the time but you’ve never seen.Thank you for your compliment.


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