MY VIRTUAL TRIP TO Amish Country….Day 3

I mentioned in my first post that during the twenty three years that I lived in Chester County, Pa,  I lived in two houses built by The Amish.

This is the interior of one of them.    For those who have enjoyed  the film ‘Witness’ you will remember the ‘barn raising’ scene.     This house was raised in that fashion.       It is a post and beam structure made from solid oak.     The fireplace is built from field stone.

I used the upstairs area with the sky lights for my studio.

During the winter the stone chimney heated the whole house.

The house is a one and half hour drive from the farm where I am staying. with Jarrod and Kendle.

The large oil painting hanging over the fire place is one of a series of work I completed in the late eighties/early nineties.        It shows the interior of my favourite studio on Prescott Alley in West Chester with Amish quilts and apples.    Everything in the painting is symbolic of my life at that time. 20200512_153850In the breezeway which connected two areas of the house, I painted a colourful mural and installed ‘sugar feeders ‘(which hummingbirds love) and a small fountain all of which served to attract hummingbirds.      A beautiful place to sit and ponder.    The Brandywine River flowed below the house…20200512_153903


When I was visiting the farm two years ago I walked across to the Amish neighbours to purchase some flowers.    Behind the house I found a group of children playing and although I know its not really the thing to do, I managed to take a couple of pictures.        The Amish children. don’t speak any English until they go to Amish School at around six years old.    Their natural language is Pennsylvania Dutch which is similar to German, however the universe language of smiles works very well.

They are beautiful children and as Jarrod and Kendle were saying,  mature beyond their years.

Amish children are used to being part of a large family that does everything together – and the family is part of a larger community.   I would imagine that they feel very secure.

There is always washing on the line and bread baking in the oven….


The Amish believe that happiness is a byproduct of their Godly life not a goal in itself.  

Assigned responsibilities by the time they are five years old…Amish children  become proficient at wood working, cooking, quilt making and farm work all done within the community structure.

Watercolour/Gouache sketch20200511_100149

In warm weather the children go bare foot…33362844_10156349758240396_5951106779826880512_o

Amish girls going about their daily chores. – pen and wash.


One of the pastures on the farm. received_550006645891325More new life….a dear little rabbit….received_239714503767752Jarrod fence building with two of the Amish neighbours.      The Amish help a great deal with the farm and as Jarrod and Kendle said they are some of the best neighbours you could ever wish for.

FB_IMG_1589290388394Fresh baked bread a gift from The Amish neighbours.received_233417374775920

On that note, it’s time for coffee and something sweet…


And an opportunity to watch Kendle ride.

Dressage is Kendle’s speciality. FB_IMG_1589298737599

After a full day of working on the farm – tending the crops and feeding all the animals it is now time to relax and get ready for the evening’s festivities.


Kendle as I remember her as a little girl….always on a pony…..10485530_10152303152607875_921033080895123590_n

And so for this evening, we have pulled pork tacos with wine (Maryland Merlot:) and Quarantinis….

received_265478547925820For anyone following on this trip concerned that Amish Country was a DRY area…Kendle sent this picture of the local booze shop


Something else Kendle does in her spare time….I really like this.


Along with playing the guitar, singing and writing music, this is one of things that Jarrod does in his spare time.


Meanwhile, I spied Sheila and one of the twins going for a late afternoon walk….


Tomorrow I will be visiting lots of friends in West Chester, and so my next post will be on Friday.

It will be a summary with cocktail recipes and more sketches.






22 thoughts on “MY VIRTUAL TRIP TO Amish Country….Day 3

  1. Judith

    I’m loving this opportunity to visit the farm with you! I especially loved the pen and wash drawing. Thanks so much for sharing.

      1. Writing to Freedom

        Yes, I have local friends who market garden and I’m awed at how hard they work. I love nature, but I’m not that dedicated to work 7 days a week around the clock.

  2. davidjrogersftw

    I love your large oil painting and its colors.Oh yes, a Godly life, how appealig that is. I was raised as a Fundamentalist Baptist which had some of the simplicity (and denial) of an Amish life. Even the Amish children are industrious. I didn’t know that Jarred is a muscian–drums. I liked Kendle riding a beautiful hors. Janet, I must confess I’ve never ridden a horse…or even a pony. But I have riddden a camel. Thanks again for his great tour. I’n going on to the next leg.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      The large painting is part of a series of about thirty very large paintings, all of which sold except for one that I have in London with me. Glad you like it.
      Jarrod has been a musician since he was a child…he actively plays the guitar, the drums and writes music….
      Kendle was born in the saddle and is a superb equestrian.
      To ride a camel – another poem in waiting – Janet 🙂

  3. davidjrogersftw

    I think Jarrod and Kendle are fortunate having available to them things they love to do. Thoreau said “Do what you love.” Good guidance. What could you love more than manking music or feeiing the rhytmn of a horse beneath you? I’ve asked Don what kind of artist she would she like most to be and she asked me the same and we both answered :’composer.” i have a hunch your son writes music. Maybe Kendle too.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Again Kendle has been riding, showing and teaching for many years…(they are both 54) and have known one another since they were five years old. Like anyone who takes risks in order to follow their bliss they have both suffered difficult times….but again it’s worth it.
      Jarrod does write music and Kendle does all sorts of things other than riding…she is a fabulous cook – and oh by the way so is Jarrod:)

  4. Jane Owen

    If only our own children were taught life skills just like the Amish children what a productive world it would be. Very very interesting Janet as all your vlogs are. You are extremely talented to paint such a beautiful pic in the barn. Your son and his wife seem to be very productive people too. How Cool that they have known each other pretty much their whole lives. Thank you for sharing. Please be safe and well. 💕

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      I agree with you about The Amish children…we have so much to learn from these people. Yes, Jarrod and Kendle, although at points in their lives they took different paths, have known one another since they were six years old:). Have a beautiful weekend. Janet XX


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