Final day of my virtual trip to Amish Country.

Horse and mule power…Amish Country Pennsylvania.   received_2767525950142896If I had been staying on the farm for two weeks as planned I would have filled a couple of sketch books.

Instead what I have done to wrap up this VIRTUAL week is a Montage which I think would work well for a children’s book illustration…hint hint to Jarrod who has written a couple of lovely children’s books….I think a children’s book. about life on the farm and living along side The Amish would be lovely……

I sketched this rapidly with my water soluble Tombow pen and then added watercolour washes.    Sheila the dog likes to mother all the other animals and so it’s only right that she should be front and centre.20200515_073020

I am enjoying VIRTUAL travel.     It’s gentle and quiet and free from stress.     It allows me to think and focus and although I am not physically with Jarrod and Kendle – I am with them in spirit.

Jarrod took this lovely photograph yesterday of a young cardinal in the hay barn…..IMG-20200513-WA0006Here are more timeless images showing horse, mule and man power on the farm.    

Jarrod baling with the Amish. received_335522404081185

received_2931003953619650Bringing in the hay…..received_3172043156180411Man and beast take a rest after a long days work. 



…..Once again the little magical hummingbird flew into the house this morning….a very good sign indeed.       She will join us for a big breakfast….


20200114_135504With so much hard work on the farm good hearty food is necessary.    For breakfast we enjoy more fresh farm eggs and English sausage rolls straight from the oven.FB_IMG_1589293642853-2

Plus a  PUDDING PRESENT from the Amish, given to Kendle for driving one of the women to a school meeting yesterday.      It is a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch Scrapple cake.


The stable yard and farm are now wide awake.received_674081663375358The Amish laundry is hanging out to dry….20200512_134055-2Visitors have arrived across the road…..20180521_112545-2-1Kendle takes a gentle ride on Baby, one of her favourite horses  before helping with the hay harvest.


Along with showing and dressage Kendle also teaches at the farm.   Here are just a few of her rosettes….FB_IMG_1589290411587

It’s now time to think about the evening festivities for everyone involved during this week, including those from my workshops who have been filling their sketch books.  

Jarrod will be cooking for us this evening…..

He is preparing chicken cooked in a white wine reduction sauce, diced tomatoes, spinach, portabella mushrooms, with melted cheese and Jamine rice.    

IMG-20200514-WA0000Although He suggests a nice rose to go with it, Jarrod will be having his Captain Morgan Spiced Rum with cream soda.….which might be worth trying..

And now the recipe for Sangaritas….and a couple of other exotic cocktails……..


Sangritas recipe

Blend one pound of strawberries with a splash of lime until smooth. 

Pour strawberry puree and lime juice, plus one cup of tequila, a quarter cup of triple sec into a large pitcher.    Stir and pour into the mix one bottle of rose wine. 

Add a quarter cup agave nectar…….

Optional) Margarita salt around the rim of glasses making sure that there is no salt inside the rim. 

and then ENJOY…:)



What a way to finish the day and week. received_536372750581083

Thank you Kendle and Jarrod for hosting a fantastic week and here’s to many more fun times with you on the Farm. 

[I will be asking those who have been sketching with me on this trip if they are happy for me to post a special blog on Monday showing their work….watch this space}









31 thoughts on “Final day of my virtual trip to Amish Country.

  1. Judith

    Thank you for sharing this virtual trip. I loved seeing the farm — that photo of the mules is awesome! I always love your artwork, too. Many thanks for all the inspirations.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      I am very pleased that you enjoyed…I will be showing the sketches made by some students who have been VIRTUALLY with me on the trip…on Monday….Happy painting. Janet 🙂

  2. Writing to Freedom

    I’ve enjoyed your virtual tour Janet. It sounds like Jarrod and Kendle are well suited and satisfied with their farm life. And how nice that they have a good relationship with their Amish neighbors. I think we deserve a rest now. 🙂

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thanks Brad. Yes Jarrod and. Kendle are a well suited couple and as I pointed out in the first post they have known one another since they were six years old! A lot of history. I have enjoyed this VIRTUAL trip and am very glad that you joined us. Have a lovely weekend. Janet :)X

  3. Emma Cownie

    I loved the animals on the farm, the mules, horses and birds. I don’t know if its harder being apart from loved ones when they are a couple of hundred miles away or thousands of miles away. I just hop you are all safe and well where ever you are!

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you Emma for following my Virtual trip. In a strange way I think it’s easier to be 3000 miles away – which is how far away I am from both my children. Jarrod in Pa and Christie in Boston. When we do see one another (a couple of Times a year) it is always very special and we get to talk at length at. least once a week. I think when families are close together a lot gets taken for granted. Hope you are progressing well health wise and that your creative juices are flowing. Janet 🙂

      1. Emma Cownie

        I am in the final stages which is quite frustrating as I just want to be better and back to “normal” and oil painting again but I think it will take another week or two.

    2. Jane Owen

      Ahh sausage rolls, one of my favorite. Such a lovely life for your son and his wife. My dream to live that way. You have a better appreciation of everything. All that fresh air and to be on a farm. How lovely! Thank you for your wonderful posts Janet. I always look forward to them. Hope your well. 💕

  4. davidjrogersftw

    It strikes me that the environments of the farms there are so different from Don’s and mine. A rustic life leads me to remember the beautiful cinematography of an Amish world in tthe movie Witness and to think of the poetery of Wordsworth. Here again in evidence your beautifu; work. That shot of the horse in the stable reminds me of an experience. We went to the Illinois Stae Fair with my children and grandchildren. Wandering through the various stables I came upon a lovely, lovely horse standing all alone–just he and I in the stable. He had a ribbon on him–he was the grand champion. What a horse. What a memory. I’m loving this visit with you and your loved ones..

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      It takes great courage and daring especially when funds are limited which has certainly been the case for me since my divorce in 1987….and I know the same is true for Jarrod and Kendle. They work so hard on the farm… Having said that it’s all worth it so to actualise a dream.


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