A special Cat day…..I LOVE cats:)

There is a story behind each one of these cats…..Some lived with me and others belong to dear friends.   wherever I travel I adopt the resident cats…..

Christeve the Cat – A Welsh Cat – with hummingbird37741212_10156512625865396_5819395929748275200_o

A sun spot cat…from England


A French cat….15110842_10154633606525396_8505028180039884441_o

Iccle – from Brussels – now resident in SW France68457757_10157462546565396_2909676004706353152_n

Fiona from West Chester Pennsylvania USA83968967_10157981236010396_315480655154642944_o

Coco lives in California. 15288531_10154661805525396_4147593072811180097_o

The twins from the Farm – Pennsylvania USA20200309_160358

From Colorado USA81880440_10157889709575396_1003395070054891520_o

Christeve the Cat with Theodore the Tiger and hummingbird – illustration for children’s book and posters. 45713832_10156787139300396_2534145006604648448_o

The International Cat Association sponsored this poster which raised a lot of money for a new tiger’s area at the Philadelphia Zoo…78108030_10157758157435396_2967704508978692096_oThere are so many more cats in my life, but I thought it would be fun to share a few with you today.   

In my next life I would like to be a cat:)


42 thoughts on “A special Cat day…..I LOVE cats:)

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Iccle is remarkable. She is completely deaf and is one of the ultimate survivors. I met her when I was painting for two summers in Brussels and recently saw here In SW France where she still survives. Her meow is very loud because of her deafness and she is lovely 🙂

  1. snowbird

    Goodness, this was an absolute treat! It seems I’m not getting email notifications of your posts again! There must be a ghost in the machine!xxx

      1. ShimonZ

        fortunately, Nechama is growing old with grace. Only one good eye, but she seems quite aware of all around her. Thanks xxx

      1. Judith

        We have a huge stray cat in our new neighborhood. There’s apparently quite a bit of “wildlife” in the area, even though it’s residential. There’s a lot of open land, and according to our neighbor — a delightful 90-year-old whose lived on the corner for 50 years — there’s a place where raccoons, possums, and stray cats all congregate near a sewer drain. It’s also squirrel heaven here. There are literally dozens of them playing in the yards. The big cat stalks the squirrels and the birds, then takes the sun in front of one of our garages. I’ll have to get a picture of it.

      2. Judith

        Oh, and lots of birds! We don’t have magical hummingbirds, but we have lots of songbirds. I put birdseed out each morning and evening. My husband and I love to sit on the back patio and listen to all of the birds. We’re learning all their songs. Plus there are dozens of squirrels. Everywhere. One is so funny! All squirrels like to jump, but this fellow LOVES to jump — as high as he can. He’s so much fun to watch. I really do want to sketch and paint the birds and other wildlife.

      3. Judith

        We have such a beautiful place now to sit and enjoy the early mornings and late afternoons. We’re very happy with our new home.

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