The pleasures of old fashioned correspondence……

Hummingbirds weaving unseen magic and energy  – watercolour56120192_10157111829470396_1016385752692424704_oDuring the last few days I have been going through many albums and files looking at old photographs and letters in preparation for my VIRTUAL trip to Wales which will begin on Monday 6th July. 

One file contains many letters from my dear friend Albert Willett – who sadly died in his late eighties about twenty years ago.

I first met Albert when he signed up for one of my courses in the States.    We didn’t hit it off initially.     Albert who was a large man in stature had been a leading scientist for DuPont and was used to getting his own way.      It didn’t matter what I said, he disputed it!:)


I even went so far as to alert a big art centre in Chester Country Pa to not allow him to sign up for my courses – (something I had not done before or since).      However, he slipped through the cracks and so when I arrived to start a new session with about twenty in attendance, there was Albert.

watercolour/gouache12240245_10153660498710396_1062230259067325046_oAs work commenced Albert began his usual telling everyone what to do and contradicting everything I said.      (I am chuckling to myself as I write this)  

Half way through the session, I stopped everything and told Albert that it was very clear I couldn’t teach him…and  perhaps it would be best if he left.

Well, you could have heard a pin drop – everyone in the studio was in a state of shock, including me.    Albert very slowly packed up all his supplies and left.

watercolour87583109_10158058998575396_700668135602126848_o-2Two weeks later I received a long apologetic letter from Albert – asking if I would join him for lunch at his home.      His late wife had been a very fine weaver and carver and he wanted to show me the studio and some of her work and apologise to me in person.

Never one to hold a grudge – I accepted. 


After that lunch we became good friends.        We enjoyed long interesting conversations/debates.           Along with preparing soup and home made bread for lunch he had the most beautiful dog called Bonnie.   As a lover of all animals seeing Bonnie every couple of weeks was well worth any disputes we had:)

Albert didn’t sign up for any more of my workshops…however during the years we knew one another he bought several paintings, and came to all my exhibitions and was supportive of everything I did.

watercolour/gouache87047088_10158036883860396_2938683530923737088_o    It will take a while to read all of his letters, which I am finding so much more interesting now than when he first sent them to me.       A little like the second reading of a good book.  

It was Albert who introduced me to the GASOC (Guardian Angel Society).     As he writes in one of his letters      “The GASOC rarely tell you what to do – they just arrange events, or point out pathways”.  and my experience has shown that this is so true.


It was Albert that taught me to always consider the ‘unseen energy’ that effects us in ways that we can never imagine.

It is because of Albert that I used the hummingbird as a symbol of the ‘unseen energy’ that surrounds us in the world we live. 

watercolour/gouache20-11-15 - 1 (71)How glad I am to have this file of letters – and the letters of so many other people who have played huge parts in my life.     

How beautiful it is to pick them up…smell the paper and be able to read them like a book. 



As stated earlier in this post.   I will begin. my VIRTUAL trip to Wales on Monday 6th July.

This is for anyone interested in learning about the area of Wales where I lived and worked for twelve years.     A place called Crickhowell which sits in the beautiful Usk Valley,  where the Brecon Beacons meet the Black Mountains..

It is free for anyone who would like to join in and sketch along, and will be posted here on this blog.


til then I hope that everyone can feel the magical energy of the hummingbirds surrounding them.

Janet 🙂






35 thoughts on “The pleasures of old fashioned correspondence……

  1. Judith

    What a beautiful story! Isn’t it amazing how different people come into our lives and give us little pieces of themselves to carry with us forever!

  2. Jet Eliot

    Wonderful to hear your Albert story, Janet, and to have the delightful hummingbirds dancing their accompaniment to it. I am a letter writer, and enjoyed hearing your appreciation for old letters, too. Wonderful post, as always. And I am looking forward to our virtual visit to Wales.

  3. Writing to Freedom

    How wonderful that you two were able to become friends and touch each other’s hearts after a rocky start. I’m with you on treasuring handwritten letters, cards, and mementos. And I much prefer reading a physical book. And thanks for the beautiful backstory about your life, unseen energies, and hummingbirds. To unseen energies! 🧚

  4. snowbird

    That is such an uplifting story Janet. I’ve you mention Albert over the years but I’ve never heard the full story. I just loved this and really enjoyed the read. Gorgeous paintings!xxx

  5. Katherine

    I like the story of Albert.I was new in an art clas in 2004.There was one lady who stood out with her diamond rings and necklaces.I was very nervous never having done art.All of a sudden, she called loudly: is there something wrong with you?
    The teacher was new and didn’t know what to do.So I thought and I said, was I humming.She nodded,I told her I huma and sing without knowing but if she let me know I would stop
    Then a very nice man said quietly,I was enjoying it.
    I thought it was very hard for teacher.Maybe I could have said, yes there is something wrong with mot of us but we generally don’t mention it in public.
    Apparently she was a headmistress married to a very wealthy man!
    No wonder I was so nervous in the Art class
    Still, theseevents are things we can learn from and also teach is people are very different and some rich people forget about the eye of the needle
    I am looking forward to Crickhowell,Katherine,xxxx

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Katherine. Thank you for this. If I sense that there is someone in one of my groups that is being imperious….or negative – I have learned ways to steer them away from affecting others in the group. Albert, like many people in positions of authority and with power and money often forget that the rest of the world is not necessarily l like them:). However, as you say these events teach us all about living in harmony with one another. Hoping you are enjoying a beautiful and creative Sunday. Janet XXX

  6. America On Coffee

    Happy Monday Janet! What an enchanting story! Heavenly and your remarkable hummingbird possesses the brilliance of light and colors
    of miraculous happenings. Birds are omens for me.☕️☕️☕️

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you so much. Birds are also omens for me…and the hummingbird symbolises the ‘unseen’ energy that surrounds us all – we simply need to tap into it.
      I hope you have a glorious day surrounded with all sorts of birds and of course hummingbirds. Janet :)XXX

  7. Andrea Stephenson

    It sounds like a wonderful friendship – I’m glad you got past that first hiccup! I still have old letters – to think that young people now may never have sent or received one…


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