Confidence weakens when you are unable to decide what to do!

I once had someone say to me that ‘indecision will kill you’ – that was about 55 years ago. Since then I make decisions…and learn from them. Janet

My experience

Confidence weakens when you are unable to decide what to do. You look to others for your decision. Never think that what will happen if your decision is wrong? You will make a mistake once,then learn from it and become stronger. Making mistakes is better than not making a decision. This is the first condition to move towards betterment make yourself strong from within, learn to take decisions and do your work with full confidence

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13 thoughts on “Confidence weakens when you are unable to decide what to do!

  1. Lauri Frohling

    I hope you’re doing well! I really enjoy your blog. It’s nice to be in touch with someone who knew Mom as well as you did!
    Xoxo Lauri Frohling

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Hi Lauri – wonderful to see you here. I think of Jean, your wonderful mother just about every day. She played such an important part in my life. Only wish I knew where the portrait is that I painted of her so the you could. have it. All’s well here – just coming out of lock down…but basically staying in my painting/writng bubble throughout. Hope all is well with you…when you have a chance write and let me know. Janet XXXX

  2. davidjrogersftw

    Hi Janet. I asked a friend recently what she kept the air conditioner set at and she said 74 degrees fahrenheit. I said we keep it at 78 degrees because my wife feels cold often. Then my friend said she should keep it at 78 too because she is often cold.. I thought , “My goodness me, why if she is often cold did she keep it at 74? Hadn’t she ever thought of turning it up?” Just a litle example of how undecisive many people are. When we make a decision our blood flows and we stop being lazy and become men and women of action. Effective people make decisions; heroes make decisions.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you David for this excellent example of indecision.

      When I was working in New York way back in the sixties I began to suffer stomach upsets and general.feelings of anxiety. My then boss sent me to a very smart doctor on Park Avenue – Doctor Haji. After a short consultation he put me in a room which faced onto an internal courtyard with trees, plants and birds. He told me to lie down and that he would leave me there for about 15 minutes. It was sheer bliss.

      After thoroughly relaxing he said to me that I was probably one of the healthiest specimens he had set eyes on and that he would give me a piece of advice…which was. ‘Indecision kills’…..

      At that time, I was very young, living in a strange country and a single mother…and so plenty to be concerned about, but I knew that I was also being very indecisive about several issues….and immediately began to remedy the situation.

      Ever since that meeting with Doctor Haji (who I never saw again) I always make decisions…and if it turns out to be a wrong decision, I make a new one..and it always helps enormously.

      At that moment my blood began to flow, and I became a woman of action:)

      Isn’t it interesting how a two words ‘Indecision kills’ can make a huge change in a life.

      Wishing you Don and all the family a lovely day.

      Beautiful here, with very warm weather forecast for the week…..Janet :)X

  3. davidjrogersftw

    jJanet, I know you and so can tell that this subject is important to you. I wrote a post about taking decisive action because it is important to me too. When I was younger I would often tell myself, “Do it now” and taught my kids to say that too. Don’t put it off. Do it now. I love your story of that doctor and that sublime treatment, You’re functioning on full throttle these days. Good going! Don wishes you well.


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