Sketches produced by students on my Virtual Trip to Wales.

‘We are always learning – there is a great joy to be had in not knowing it all.   It keeps the doors open for experimentation, and following the creative path.’    

These sketches are in no particular order.    They were produced by some of those following my VITUAL VISIT TO WALES.  

Tree – Bob


 Welsh sheep -NanIMG-20200707-WA0007-2Bluebell Woods – DoraIMG-20200712-WA0011

canal walk – JaneIMG-20200712-WA0013

Warm up exercise – NanIMG-20200710-WA0002-2

Jacob Sheep – TessaIMG-20200712-WA0000

Mists in the Valley – MoiraIMG-20200712-WA0014

Welsh mountain – DoraIMG-20200708-WA0005

Mist over the valley – Laura Kate 071020Fast

Standing Stones – JaneIMG-20200712-WA0012

Detail from warm up exercise – NanIMG-20200710-WA0003

Bluebell Woods – NanIMG-20200710-WA0005

Flowers from Tretower Court garden – Judith107245278_3157835907639138_4681173740273218822_n-2Jacob Sheep – BobIMG-20200713-WA0001


Waterfall – Dora


Sheep and Bumble – TessaIMG-20200710-WA0000

Mike Cashell the Butcher – JillIMG-20200712-WA0009

High Street, Crickhowell – CorynIMG-20200709-WA0006

River Usk –  NanIMG-20200707-WA0008-2Welsh Mountain – CorynIMG-20200710-WA0010Welsh ponies and sheep – DoraIMG-20200707-WA0006River Usk – CorynIMG-20200707-WA0009Welsh mountains – NanIMG-20200708-WA0002Inside Tretower Court – Dora


Walking the canal – CorynIMG-20200708-WA0007Tretower Court – TessaIMG-20200711-WA0006Canal walk – CorynIMG-20200708-WA0006

River – DoraIMG-20200707-WA0011

Welsh Mountains – Coryn IMG-20200707-WA0010Sheep – DoraIMG-20200709-WA0007Welsh landscape – NanIMG-20200708-WA0000Bluebell Woods – CorynIMG-20200710-WA0009Table Mountain – DoraIMG-20200708-WA0004

Thank you to all who participated.  

Remember to keep sketch books at hand and to warm up:)

Lechyd da 🙂


55 thoughts on “Sketches produced by students on my Virtual Trip to Wales.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      I know Jill will be delighted. I also love Mike the Butcher….and yes I suppose portraits a more challenging subject. But this group proves that the key to learning how to paint is to first of all pick the brush up and of course to warm up and carry a sketch book:). Thanks for following.

  1. Coryn Thompson

    Thank you, Janet, for this opportunity to visit Wales on this virtual painting trip. It’s been a very special time spending each day painting in my own home, sharing with friends around the world and receiving such helpful feedback from a very sympathetic tutor. It’s been wonderful. xx

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you Coryn for joining in and producing such lovely work. It was fun. Isn’t it amazing what can be achieved through this medium -the internet. Hope all continues to be well and that you are enjoying your time away. XX

  2. Andrea Stephenson

    It was wonderful to visit Crickadoon and discover some of its mystery and magic. Your paintings are exquisite Janet and you’ve inspired some lovely paintings by those who came with you.

      1. Ka Malana -

        Thank you! Yes, I sketched during my weekend long workshop, thanks to your inspiration and the tombow pen 🖊 I just got started with. I hope to come back and use exercises you have here from the virtual trip as well, when I get time… 🙂

      2. janetweightreed10 Post author

        HI Ka – So glad that you sketched during your workshop. There’s always an opportunity to doodle with you Tombow Pen. Even if you do 15 minutes a day, every day, same time of day, almost like a ritual it would make a difference. And by the way doodling can be the starting point for a lot of things. Keep going….Janet :)X

  3. America On Coffee

    All are beautiful works! How art elevates our spirits is so amazingly angelic! Wishing you a fabulous week Janet. Please paint me a vacation! 💕🌺💕 Loving Hearts to you!

      1. Judith

        Watercolor is fun — frustrating at times, but still fun. What I love most is how it’s helped me loosen up in all areas of art. I’m definitely “going with the flow” more now than ever. 🙂

  4. Jet Eliot

    This was so spectacular, Janet, thanks so much for taking the time to share all these magnificent paintings. I loved all the Wales themes with sheep, landscapes, canals, mountains, and more; the colors, images, and messages here were a joy. Mostly it was the heartwarming sweetness of each and every painting that was a blissful experience to behold. I am heading back to a few of the days I missed right now. Thanks for this whole week of art and love.


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