Caught with their pants down!

My title refers specifically to British politicians who have been well and truly caught with their pants down!

At this point in time, there is a whole list of things that would fall into that category but the one I am referring to is the total lack of understanding politicians seem to have when it comes to human nature and what their constituents really want and need.

watercolour/gouache – David

Early on in the pandemic Boris Johnson asked the British public to work from home – something I have been doing for many years and so know it offers a much better quality of life.

It didn’t take a heartbeat for the British public to recognise that their lives were greatly enhanced by not having to commute on crowded, very expensive and unpunctual trains. Let alone fight to get on buses (as very few people seem to honour the British queuing system anymore) – or drive in bumper to bumper traffic….pay congestion charges and so on.

On top of this employees and employers alike were surprised to learn that people working from home are on the whole happier and much more productive.

watercolour/gouache portrait demonstration – Paris. The expression people have on their faces when commuting to work……:)

Of course not everyone can work from home….but it stands to reason that if a vast swathe of the population is, public transportation is greatly freed up for those that have to travel every day……a win win situation.

Last weekend I travelled by train to Kent (for the first time since lock down) and experienced one of the most civilised and pleasant rail journeys I can remember. Given that there were very few people on trains and stations, social distancing was easy and trains clean and punctual! I travelled on Friday and Monday – days that would normally be busy and crowded….not this week – it was a delight.

Little Cosmo who I spent time with last weekend.

Now here’s the rub….Boris Johnson is now virtually begging (some have inferred threatening) the British people to get back on public transportation and the public is saying – NO THANK YOU. The Fat Cats who have also been caught with their pants down are worried sick that large corporations are not renewing leases…and people en masse are saying they don’t want to go back to the old ways….they want to continue to work from home and live differently.

On top of this when I visited my friends in Kent who have lived in their house for forty years surrounded by beautiful Kentish countryside and just one mile from their local village, I was invited to a community planning meeting about a new ‘country town’ that has been proposed – (mostly to entice people from overcrowded London to the countryside…..) which would completely change the demographics of their area.

quick sketch of wise little Cosmo…..

And so here we are with our major cities looking like ghost towns and our countryside getting more and more developed.

Seems to me that we need wise, innovative and creative leadership…..and a leadership that respects and understands human nature and the ever threatening climate change.

Cosmo who represents the future of this country and the world enjoying simple, creative play….

Something we discussed at length this past weekend was the overpopulation of a small country/Island such as the UK. I don’t have the answers for that, but surely it is clear to see that what we have been doing simply hasn’t worked.

The Pandemic has helped us all to see other ways of being….alternatives to the horrific treadmill that so many people have been forced on.

For those people running small businesses and relying on big cities to support them it is perhaps time to adapt to other solutions. Maybe this is where the Government should be helping and supporting these people as they adapt to our brave new world.

As a working artist and Mother for all of my adult life I had to learn to adapt…if I didn’t I simply wouldn’t/couldn’t survive.

watercolour of Margarida at the school in Portugal where I will. be on 30th Sept. Please do join me for a week of creativity.

September is always the beginning of a new year for me….probably because as a Mother it always was – back to school….etc:) This year will be about NEW BEGINNINGS….

Including my daughter Christie Reed has started to write a blog…one I am enjoying very much. You can read it at

See you in September….Janet 🙂

29 thoughts on “Caught with their pants down!

  1. Laura Kate

    Thoughtful and well written post. Of course the illustrations are the best part! I think this brave new world you describe is getting underway here in the US as well. I live in a small rural town in the center of the country and we are experiencing an unprecedented housing shortage. People are moving here from states like California and Colorado to gain a more affordable and less stressful life for themselves.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Hi dear Laura….What an interesting comment and more proof that no matter where we are our world is changing, and I believe will continue to do so. Somehow throughout it all we need to come together as much as possible….and live each and every day as it comes. I am loving the artwork you are producing. Janet :)X

  2. Jet Eliot

    We have much to contend with in these trying times, all across the world. I’m glad you could enjoy some time away from London, Janet. And these portraits are truly a joy to behold. Your skillful hand has created so many wonderful works of art. Your portraits capture the spirit of each individual. Of these you present today, I espec. found that last one stunning. Sending my best wishes to you.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Dear Jet. You have been on my mind so very much of late. I have been hoping that you are not caught up, yet again in the California fires! Yes, so many people around the world are suffering….we must all learn to live in the moment doing the very best we can…meanwhille know that I am with you I thought and spirit. Janet X

  3. Writing to Freedom

    Interesting perspectives Janet. No doubt, we have an opportunity to re-create how we live and work. I’d like to think things will improve, but more likely they’ll get worse first. I love your paintings. Thanks for sharing your joy and talents.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      There’s a lot we don’t know but one thing I think we all know is that change is afoot….and necessary change at that. Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend. I know you work but nevertheless, my thoughts are with you…:)X

  4. girrrrrl_of_two_worlds

    oooooh, cool! i love the paintings. they’re so subtly different from all the other art i’ve seen in such a fresh and pleasing manner.

    love always,

  5. tiffanyarpdaleo

    I just love your work! The thoughts are similar here in the US, I think we all prefer to work from home, it will be very interesting to see how “normal” life changes over the next few years!

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you very much for your lovely comment. Yes, it will be most interesting to see how our lives change (and they will) over the next few years. Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend. Janet :)X

  6. Emma Cownie

    Ah, the wisdom of crowds! People are in no hurry to go back to ther offices in a pandemic. If there was a vaccine maybe they would feel differently about it. There are aspects of work that are difficult to replicate at home (especially if you are new to a job) but for an artist, working from home is what we do already!

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Yes we artists have had years of training in this and know that it is a better way to live. For those who wish to go to an office and commute on train, etc. it will be better. they will have much more room – making it a win win for everyone….:)

  7. davidjrogersftw

    Hello Janet. Thank you for your review of what is happeningthere, and for your always lovely watercolors. What is happening there is similar to what is happening here, but here proabably ten times more people are geting infeccted and dyting than there. People are being pressured by the government here to to leave the safety of home and return to work sites, to “open up,” to get the kids in schools at all costst even if those coass are little children and college students becoming ill and dying,, to not wear maks and to forget about social distancing if ithey are inconvenient.. All my family except one who become infected but surived are okay. I find it hard to write, read, and study under these conditions, but Diana is here and we are in touch with everyone we love.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Dear David,
      I have been thinking about you, Diana and family a great deal. You are right to say that as bad as things might be here they are nothing compared o what’s going on in the States.
      We can only hope that this will come to an end one day – with a vaccination….so that life can return to a new form of normalcy because I don’t believe it will ever go back to the way it was.
      Living proof that none of us is ever creative or clever enough to know how things will actually work out.
      Please stay well and safe….

  8. davidjrogersftw

    Thank you Janet, We are being very careful and going out only for two daily walks and essential medical vists and to go for periodic drives to safe visit with our chidren and grandchildren. We were great restaurant people but havent since February, Our walks are liberating and our area is very nice and tree–ee, Weather beautiful.

    I am frustrated at present in a comical way, Diana has been my editor and monitor for fifty years and NOTHING goes out without her careful approval, but I wrote a sketch about an old serious flame she refusses to read for obvious reasons, So here I am with a pirce I think is very good, But how do I know if Diana doesn;t say it is good? Funny, huh?

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good afternoon on a sunny autumn like day.

      I am chuckling…..I think I might be like Diana under the same circumstances:). I don’t think men ever really understand women and may be it’s true the other way around…. I look forward to hearing how this is resolved:)

      Like you I live in a very nice tree-ee place with plenty of room for social distancing. My main grocery shop is delivered, as our my art supplies. I go to a local shop for fresh fruit a couple of times a week….and since lock down have found a wonderful new addition to my neighbourhood. It is literally a four minute walk from where I live and I will be giving a workshop there on the 18th September. It’s a fantastic space inside and out….one I think I will enjoy a great deal.

      I did go to Kent to see good friends, but as you read in my recent blog, it was very easy and safe to travel because there were so few people….Oh that it stays that way.

      I am scheduled to give a workshop in Portugal on the 30th Sept however I don’t think it will happen. On today’s news they are talking about virus cases rising there and probably quarantine having to be Brought back into force which will pretty much kill any workshop ideas. I think we all have to wait until next year at the earliest.

      However, all is well, I feel well and have lots of work which is always a blessing….. Enjoy your day. Janet X

  9. snowbird

    I’m nodding all the way through this. Hubs is loving working from home, it beats hammering down a motorway at 6 am. I’ve heard lots of people are moving out of the cities now and homes are being built with studies. Love little

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Oh yes….the government. had no understanding of this….or realisation of how awful the daily commute is, with or without Covid! The Jeanie is out of the bottle:). Cosmo is the original wild child – He and Lil Urchin you hang out together….xxx

  10. Katherine

    I do love ow you paint faces.You evoke the face by subtle hints,something I didn’t learn being
    a mathematician where it’s all explaining and not evocative at all except for people like my husband who was caned for not understanding algebra.As he was a premature babyless he wasa fragile child yet it was legal to cane children for doing sums or Latin wrong
    And sometimes children were beaten for not eating their dinner.At least in that respect we have changed
    Working from home is hard when schools are closed or you live in a little flat with 3 children
    There’s much more domestic violence under lockdown
    London may be overpopulated but there are many towns with far fewer people.
    The car has been a mixed blessing too
    Wherever you do it,I always value your posts and your ideas and most of all your colours
    Love,Kathryn xxxx

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good. morning Catherine. I can remember when boys were caned at school…and my own school was very strict (before I went to art school that is) Yes, the lock down is very hard for those with young children living in small flats…I can only hope that one day a law comes into place where everyone has to have access to an outdoors space. Thank you dear Katherine. – I always appreciate your comments and love your writing:) XXX

  11. America On Coffee

    Hi Janet. A very tense and informative share. I am glad you were able to keep your paint temperament down to a composed orange rather than a raging madness of crimson. I Iove your painted expressions. Economies everywhere will probably never be the same. In spite of it all, you had an enjoyable, reflective break. Wishing you the best of September’s sentiments.🍃💐🍃

  12. Andrea Stephenson

    Beautifully illustrated and thoughtful Janet. It’s patently obvious that the drive to return to work is for economic reasons but nobody wants to put themselves or their mental wellbeing at risk when they don’t have to! I have been thinking a lot this week about what a new world might look like with people staying at home….


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