A PERFECT PLANET on BBC 1. A must watch.

When I change one tiny section of a ten meter mural…everything is changed.    The rhythm, balance and composition.    The same is true for all of life.

Last night I watched the final episode of ‘A PERFECT PLANET’ on BBC 1.     Once again David Attenborough lays it on the line.    He has warned us over and over again about environmental problems….but this episode is all about US and how HUMAN DESTRUCTION is threatening our beautiful planet.  

It is a must watch. 

watercolour….demonstrating how everything reflects upon everything else. 

P1100748Today we find ourselves with many leaders who clearly have no understanding of interconnectedness, rhythm, harmony and balance, and it is these same leaders who are overseeing and governing our collective futures.      We wake each day alert to what new form of madness, they have imposed upon us!     

Meanwhile, our beautiful world becomes more and more unstable……


So many feel a deep sense of frustration and loss.     How can we make a difference?   How can we help to bring some form of equilibrium back into our lives?    


Given that our beautiful planet is out of sync – so are we.   Remember all things are interconnected and so when the planet feels pain, so do we. 

Through the creative process in all its many forms, we can begin to heal ourselves and consequently the planet. 


By healing ourselves we heal all that we are connected to. 


I found this on FB yesterday and think it speaks volumes.      Simple ways to make a difference.  


A new tutorial coming up soon.

A Bientôt


45 thoughts on “A PERFECT PLANET on BBC 1. A must watch.

  1. Writing to Freedom

    Love and creativity are beautiful gifts. I believe we also need radical change in leadership and taking back our world from corporations and big money. Thanks for sharing your beautiful paintings Janet. 🙏

  2. Jet Eliot

    A lovely array of watercolors, Janet, to accompany your thoughts on making a difference and delivering kindness. I send my warmest smiles for a weekend of love and laughter.

  3. Evolution of Self

    Not sure what others see Janet

    I see so much consumption and loss being swallowed by blazing flames everything that comes to pass through its touch is turned to ashes

    Without death there is no New Life

    Vigoring piece Mate



  4. Emma Cownie

    Well said, Janet. The smart phones both connect and divide us! I think we all long for human interaction and the pandemic has just heightened that! The media is very quick to blame and accuse different groups but we are just trying to get by and do the best we can in difficult times! Creativity helps enormously!

  5. davidjrogersftw

    Thank you Janet for this tender, wise, and uplifting commentary on some things that need to be done by us. It is so easy these days to lose our beartings in fundamental truths of kindness and generosty, and, I think, to lose our energies and commitment to continue our creative work no matter what is happening to the world around us, however bleak–to get up in the morning, have a coffee same as always no matter what, and go to my word processor and you to your work table. God gave us talents with the proviso that we would develop and refine them all our lives to the very end–working hard, working in joy–making something.

    Stay well, dear Janet,and continue telling us all what’s on your mind. All who are dear to me are well here.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning dear David. I was just thinking about you and so as always lovely to hear from. you and to know that you and the family are all well.

      As we both know it’s not always easy to stay buoyant when life is throwing all sorts of curve balls, but I have learned that the alternative, (which is to be down and depressed) is horrible and ultimately doesn’t help at all.

      Did I mention to you that a gift was thrown my way during the first lockdown (we are now into second lockdowns….a new centre has opened with a five minute walk of where I live and work called The `Inspired Hub. http://www.theinspiredhub.co.uk. Not only does it have all sorts of things going on, but there is a beautiful zen garden (totally relaxing) and some lovely members who I am beginning to get to know. I haven’t really been involve In many social actives since I moved here 12 years ago…..and so it’s brought something new and lovely into my life. What would have thunk? Another example of ‘none of us being creative enough to know how things will develop’. My connection there is indeed inspiring me on many levels….making me feel very happy.

      Continue to stay well as I send my love to you and the family. Janet XX

  6. davidjrogersftw

    Janet, what you say is wonderful–finding the center and the garden and making contact with people in the area. They’re a great addition to your life–and so near. I’m very happy for you and that’s important because I want very much for you to be happy.

  7. Katherine

    We never know what is going to happen and I had imagined anything like this lockdown.I have seen many of my neighbours who bring me things.I knew a few but now far more.I look forward
    to getting nearer than 2 meters in the future.It is a big help having a blog and keeping in touch with you and other online friends.I’m not very mobile so it is great to have people I admire and trust here at WP.It is the opposite of the kind of life we see on TV.People from across the world
    meet in peace, sharing what they create
    I stare at your watercolours trying to guess how you make a face from a few blobs abd blotches,
    I think going to an art class may not have made me into an artist but I do look much more like when the sun is setting and the sky changes subtly moment by moment.It’s better than TV
    Some people make me happy just because they exist and you are one,dear Janet

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Dear Katherine. Thank you so much – you have made my day and much more:). I love that we have been connected for a long time now and although we have not met in person, I feel as if I know you very well….and yes aren’t we fortunate to have something like our blogs to keep us connected and to keep our minds busy. Your comment about your observational skills having been honed is wonderful. ‘Seeing’ what is around us is a real gift because sadly so many don’t see…..rather they stumble through life with blinkers on. I hope you enjoy a lovely weekend. I plan to paint. I don’t need to go out as I have everything I need at hand…and so feel very fortunate. Sending you love – Janet XXX

  8. Fluffy Palmer

    Janet, I somehow stumbled over your site and there you were after so many years. Don’t know who sent me the info but I knew you through Maryellen B all those years ago when we were young. I see you live in London now and I am still in Philadelphia. What happened in all those years between?
    I have three children, six grandchildren and one husband. Jim and I have been married for forty something years and I must say we still like and love each other. What a good and lucky choice.
    Anyway, I hope you get this message and I would love to hear from you. Really liked the painting images on the internet. Your old friend, Fluffy Cooper Palmer.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      What a wonderful surprise to see you here….I have thought about you many times over the years. So much to catch up with. I am still in touch with Maryellen who is in Santa Fe – my son Jarrod is 54 and living with his partner on a horse farm in Amish Country and Christie now 45 is living in Cambridge Mass. No grandchildren, but lots of lovely young children around the world who call me AJ (Auntie Janet:). My e mail address is jcrhumming@hotmail.com Please send me yours so that I can write a long catch up in the next few days. I remember Jim very well – a lovely man. Do you re-call coming to my studio on Prescott Alley in West Chester? Also dear Bonnie Paul, who you introduced me to and who brought me many mural commissions sadly died about two years ago. Sending love – janet X


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