A Break From The Madness…..

I give you some gentle images for the weekend…hopefully something that will take your minds off all the madness.

Large oil on canvas. This painting takes me back to 1983 when my friend’s son Samuel was born. His brother who was two years older – took one look and said – ‘He can go back now…:).’

watercolour – of Olhao Portugal courtyard….a very peaceful place to sit, paint and think,

watercolour/gouache view in North Kent.. close to where I grew up. The sky and fields remind me of how insignificant we area….

watercolour/gouache The drama of the beautiful Brecon Beacons in Wales…a place of wonder.

watercolour of little French girl in the village of Caramany SW France

watercolour of Sheila the dog with her brood of farm yard animals…It’s lovely to see animals co-exist together so beautifully – we can learn so much from them.

watercolour of Wild Welsh ponies in the Brecon Beacons…..

As always time to surround ourselves with colour

watercolour – Dream of flying free like the birds.

watercolour/gouache – take a walk – the light is magnificent at this time of the year…

And remember the hummingbirds are weaving their unseen magic in ways that we can’t begin to imagine……

Have a good weekend – turn the new off and focus on beauty.

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29 thoughts on “A Break From The Madness…..

      1. Christian

        No, I have never been in Caramany. But two years ago, you published that painting and called the girl Capucine, you said “Her eyes were filled with wonder and curiosity”. I saved the image and named it Capucine.

  1. snowbird

    Oh goodness, what a feast for the eyes and how soothing for the soul. Oh….those ponies and storks! Stunning, all of it. Love and hugs my friend.xxxxx


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