Creative thinking, personal wellbeing and community.

We need and depend upon one another and our environment so that we can flourish and live meaningful lives, rather than simply existing in our individual pods, hanging on for dear life!

watercolour 46920517_10156832334295396_5337611435063115776_n

On my recent VIRTUAL trip to Crickhowell, Wales, I spoke about the importance of community many times, and how Crickhowell exemplified that for me.

In October 2005, during a personally challenging time, I had to move from beautiful Crickhowell to London.      Along with the failure of a project that had been very dear to my heart, my elderly Mother who lived in Kent was becoming ill.

watercolour 20-11-15 - 1 (923)    

In 2008 I found a bolt hole in Hampton SW London….and so brought my Mother from Kent to a nursing home a few minutes walk away.     Prior to this I had been commuting back and forth from London to Kent every week, overseeing nurses and my Mother’s house and garden and at the same time trying my best to keep up with work commitments.

I thought my bolt hole would be a temporary measure – maybe a year or two at the most, after which time I planned to move permanently to France.

Nearly 12 years later I am still here in Hampton,  proving that none of us is ever creative enough to know how things will actually work out…….



Although a pandemic has been long predicted by scientists –  we  buried our collective heads.    None of us expected a global pandemic in 2020, let alone the ensuing consequences and fall out.

Just a few short months ago, we had no idea that we would need to let go of all pre-conceived ideas and that our lives on an individual and collective level would change in such dramatic ways?

None of us is ever creative enough to know how things will actually turn out………  

20-11-15 - 1 (1154)

Because of the virus, we have been allowed to stop and think.

Like farmers who allow their land to lie fallow for a period without being sewn in order to restore its fertility…we humans have also been allowed to lie fallow for a short period of time.

Creative thinkers have seen this as an opportunity to make positive changes, which brings me back to Hampton….


After the first lock down I was introduced to The Inspired Hub           Fortunately for me – right on my doorstep.

During the first lockdown Susan Green (a creative thinker) and Hampton resident along with others had been busily revamping an old building and site.       It is now a place that is very pleasing to the eye, focusing on creative thinking, wellbeing and community……

In short they have turned what is a very challenging situation into a positive.  


Many people have turned to zoom for both social and educational purposes.     I prefer to communicate one on one…and so use Skype to talk with my children and some close friends.

I have been used to working and living alone for many years, but what about those who find themselves feeling cut off and isolated?      What about those who are living in crowded conditions with not enough money to pay the bills or put food on the table?

As 2020 morphs into 2021 perhaps we need to ask ourselves what have we learned from this experience individually and collectively?

All the images in this blog are watercolours…..where I have used small amounts of pigment with lots of water… dry white paper. 

More tutorials to follow…..


31 thoughts on “Creative thinking, personal wellbeing and community.

  1. Writing to Freedom

    Nice insights Janet. We all need some level of community and interaction, Kudos to Susan for creating a hub to promote community and creativity. And I agree about having time to lie fallow and ponder our lives. Hopefully, many people will find more loving, creative, and cooperative ways forward.

  2. ELizabeth Ward

    Wonderful what “small amounts of pigment and lots of water” can create if put there and left alone! I love your use of colour and always enjoy seeing your lovely loose paintings.
    Thank you so much for sharing your art and for you writings and thoughts. All very inspiring.

    All the best, stay safe and well.

  3. Carol Balawyder

    Janet, your watercolors are spectacular. They are so delicate and I love the purple! You are os very creative and talented. Can one be talented without being creative? Or vice-versa?

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good afternoon Carol – Thank you very much indeed – coming from you – a very talented and creative person – that is one heck of a compliment. Hope you are staying well. Janet :)X

  4. snowbird

    What utterly delightful paintings! I’m so pleased to be the proud owner of one. Yes, we’ve certainly been given a chance to breathe and rethink many things. Here’s to us all creati g a better environment.xxxx

  5. davidjrogersftw

    Your watercolors here are exceedingly lovely and alluring, and I love the slow pace of the reading.You tell a story, don’t you, with short “chapters”- I’m so happy for you that you are able to go out safely and pursue your love of art among other people who love art too.

    Big big snow here today. We are all well.

  6. jmelam1

    I really appreciated this: your perspective, your watercolors, and the particular way that you phrased that. “None of us is ever creative enough to know how things will actually turn out.”

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you so much. When you think about it…we are not creative enough to know how things will actually work out….which is why it’s always good to take life one day at a time. A little over a year ago we could not have predicted where we are today on so many levels:). Happy painting my friend. X


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