When I change one tiny section of a ten meter mural…everything is changed.    The rhythm, balance and composition.    

The same is true for all of life.

Recently I re-watched the final episode of ‘A PERFECT PLANET’ on BBC 1.     Once again David Attenborough lays it on the line.    

He has warned us over and over again about the damage we are doing to our environment/planet….but this episode is all about US and how HUMAN DESTRUCTION is threatening the world we live in.  

watercolour….demonstrating how everything reflects upon everything else – how all of life is interconnected. 

P1100748Today we find ourselves with many leaders who clearly have no real understanding of interconnectedness, rhythm, harmony and balance.    

It is these same leaders who are overseeing and governing our collective futures.      Each day we wake to whatever new form of madness, they choose to impose upon us!     

Meanwhile, our beautiful world becomes more unstable……

As I write this post in July 2022 we are experiencing yet another heat wave in the UK.

    This time we are about to reach 40c – a first!!      

With years and years of warnings….each government has chosen to bury their heads in the sand….not wanting to invest in vital infrastructure changes.   Always thinking short term – always thinking about the quick fix and how they can  get the next vote!

This form of thinking simply doesn’t work – it will destroy us.


Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring was written in 1962….and spells out so clearly the horrors of what was to come unless we changed our ways……again that was 1962……and oh my goodness was she right. 

So many of us feel a deep sense of frustration and loss.     How can we make a difference?   How can we help to bring some form of equilibrium back into our lives?

I am a firm believer that small changes made by each and everyone of us can add up to big changes…but most importantly we must elect people who do understand what it is to live in a fully interconnected world….people who are willing to forego power and wealth for the greater good.   

Sadly I haven’t come across one yet…..!


Given that our beautiful planet is out of sync – so are we.   Remember all things are interconnected and so when the planet feels pain, so do we. 

Through the creative process in all its many forms, we can begin to heal ourselves and consequently the planet.      

When we see the world around us as the exquisite tapestry of life that it is….we can connect with its core….and make positive changes. 


By turning our phones and gadgets off and allowing ourselves the time and space to truly observe Mother Nature’s bounty – we start to see and understand the wonder of it all. 



18 thoughts on “OUR PERFECT PLANET

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Wayne. Thank you very much for your response. I read the article and agree with a great deal of it. Maybe because I was born in post war London in 1946 when the world’s population was nearing two billion – I take on board that now with a population nearing eight billion – we need to change many of our ways. I will put the book ‘Enlightenment Now’ on my list. Janet 🙂


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