We can choose to be stuck in negative energy or we can choose to take a walk in the great outdoors – where we can breath fresh air and enjoy nature’s bounty. Doing this is pretty much guaranteed to change our mood and attitude.

watercolour/gouache – Brecon Monmouthshire canal

We can choose to turn off the constantly depressing and repetitive news or we can choose to put on some beautiful and uplifting music.


We can choose to be a couch potato or not!

We can choose to smile:) at those we encounter or not

We can choose to say thank you or not……..

Listening to water running over a weir can be soothing and mood changing.

No matter what our circumstances we can make choices. There is no question that it is easier for some than others, but even the smallest choice can change our day and the way we feel.

As we enter spring….it is time to hone our observational skills and choose to delight in Mother Nature’s bounty and ignite our creative energy.


35 thoughts on “WE CAN CHOOSE…………..

  1. Don't Lose Hope

    I absolutely agree. We are making choices all the time – whether we are aware of it or not.
    Janet, I absolutely LOVE your paintings. It’s like therapy for me to come to your site and drink in your paintings. I especially love the bold colour choices – so full of life.

  2. my art

    Nice paintings.😊Thank you for sharing. I am looking for some good blog sites to follow. I was searching and I found your blog site. Also i would be happy if you would follow my blog site.❀️😊

  3. Content Catnip

    This is beautiful Janet and the words and your paintings are so inspiring. These words have motivated me to go for a walk. I hope you have a good weekend. Big hugs πŸ€—


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