The above photograph shows baby strollers left in a Polish railway station for Ukrainian mothers. Mothers who themselves are traumatised carrying their terrified children as they flee the horrors of yet another war!

This poignant line of baby strollers speaks a thousand words. It is all about fellow human beings/mothers/women understanding the plight and suffering that others are experiencing. Polish mothers opening their hearts and souls to Ukrainian mothers and children.

Mother and child – watercolour.

I do believe that if women had the sort of power that Putin and some other world rulers have – there would be fewer wars by far!

As women we have an almost animalistic love and protection mechanism built in so that when we have a child of our own we experience powerful emotions never felt before. If we choose. not to have children of our own we still feel a sense of protection and love towards the children of others. These feelings are built in.

Three of my friends have just become grandmothers…two of them for the first time, and I am feeling as protective towards their grandchildren – almost as if they were my own. This is natural and normal…..

What we see happening in Ukraine – has nothing to do with protection and love…it is all about power and greed.

I painted this large oil on canvas of my friend Mary DuPont and her son Samuel. It epitomises for me the protection and love of a mother for her child.


  1. VJ

    I agree, Janet. Women feel the duty of care. The image of the strollers is humanity in action. Your mothers and babies say it all.

  2. Emma Cownie

    Oh those prams! I cry every time I watch the news about those people in Ukraine. The people in neighbouring countries are so generous and Britain is doing next to nothing to help. It makes me so angry and ashamed of this government. I wont call them my government as I didn’t vote for them or their rotten, Brexit.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Emma I agree with you 100%. What we see happening in Ukraine is more than criminal and like you I am ashamed of this government.

      The world leaders that wanted Brexit were Putin and Trump and they fought for it – which as I kept saying at the time, should have said everything…..We are in a terrible state of affairs…and God only knows where this is going.

      On a lighter note, we are so fortunate to have our painting and writing…something to make a little sense of our days and lives.

      My heart goes out to the beautiful people of Ukraine…and like you I cry.

      1. Emma Cownie

        Painting and writing are the only things that keep me going. I am not surprised that people make collections and drive them to the Ukrainian border to try and help the refuges. It’s so sad. One minute you have a nice unremarkable life, two weeks later you have nothing, and you are looking for food and shelter from strangers. Thankfully, their neighbours are helping. They know it could easily be them. We in Britain took the /security of the EU for granted.

      2. janetweightreed10 Post author

        Again I completely agree on all counts, and oh yes how the British took the EU for granted. I grieve the loss of being part of the EU every day. Meanwhile we will continue to paint and write:)

  3. johncoyote

    It is so sad. The children paid for our sin. The post hold great meaning. We must remember Ukraine and pray. The leaders of this world are supporting Ukraine.


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