SHE WAS JUST SEVENTEEN…..Paul McCartney and Co at Glastonbury.

With two art school friends at the Commonwealth Centre in Kensington (now Design centre). I was seventeen…..

Last night at Glastonbury on the famous Pyramid Stage – Paul McCartney played a set. Celebrating his 80th birthday he looked and sounded fabulous:). He was joined by Dave Growl and Bruce Springsteen……what more could anyone want.

It took me back to a wonderful period in my life. I started art school aged 16 – a time when so many fantastic young musicians were involved in art schools….The Stones and the Beatles to name but a few. I feel so fortunate to have lived during those times….times that did seem to be much happier and less complicated.

Hope abounded……

On my Lambretta scooter, which I loved, with my art school friend Maureen. This was taken in Kensington.

As I say, at that time, Hope abounded….something I fear is lacking in today’s world.

This afternoon I am going to Eel Pie Island in Twickenham. Another place that takes me back to the sixties…..

Enjoy the day – and lathe music…:)

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    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you Timothy. Yes it was a wonderful time…and as I keep saying. Everything seemed possible back then. I was so fortunate to live during that time and to meet so many of what are now old but wonderful rockers:)

  1. Writing to Freedom

    How fun that you were a teen during the birth of rock and a time of hope. It’s fun to see how dressed up you were, another difference of that era. Happy travels and memories Janet!

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you dear Gareth. How lovely to see you here. I have been missing you all a lot and thinking that when we next sit on your deck overlooking the Valley again…we will have much to discuss….. When these pictures were taken everything seemed possible….Hope you are all well…Janet XX

  2. il mio tributo alla bellezza

    Lo splendore di una vita aperta al domani; eri bellissima allora, come lo sei ancora! Hai ragione: oggi la speranza, soprattutto per i più giovani, è quasi sconosciuta. Ma non per me; io l’avevo persa in gioventù, pensa, e poi non so come, l’ho ritrovata, proprio quando il resto del mondo ha cominciato a spegnersi. Non saprei spiegare esattamente come è successo, ma è andata così. E per questo sono molto, molto grata all’Universo.

  3. snowbird

    Yes, things seemed simpler then. I just love that photo of you. Tell you what, you’d have given Twiggy a run for her money. You look like a model, gorgeous .Love and


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