Tree gratitude…..

I love trees – always have and always will – they give us so much.

This tree is on a beautiful estate in the UK – a place where I enjoyed attending Adlerian workshops for several summers.

Along with its magnificence, it sheltered us. Sitting beneath its beautiful limbs we could dream while taking in its magic. watercolour.

Trees don’t have to be grand to be beautiful…..This little tree in the main square of Olhao Portugal is a beauty. Whenever I saw it or sat beneath it I thought of all the many other people who had sat there enjoying the shade – and dreaming. – watercolour

We are experiencing a drought in the UK, along with many other places in our beautiful world…..Our green and verdant land is looking very brown and tired….

Protecting our trees is paramount to our wellbeing.

A little olive tree I sat beneath when painting in Conca de Marini Italy.

The 150 year old olive tree in the courtyard in Portugal....a tree I always think of with love. So many happy times experienced beneath this tree….so many conversations and meetings.

As in all life of these trees are interconnected. They bring so much for which I am most grateful.

Wherever you are enjoy the day and find a tree to sit beneath and soak in the magic…..

25 thoughts on “Tree gratitude…..


    Hello Janet,Talking about trees and brown:  we have a conifer in our back garden which used to be  green and beautiful. Some time ago it started to turn brown. I thought it might have been lack of water so I watered it generously – it didn’t help. Someone said it was a fungus but the typical signs for a fungus infection are not really there.Anyway, we cannot get ourselves to having it felled. – By the way: the big tree to the right is a mighty beech.Love, Carmen and Gareth

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Carmen. Always lovely to see you here. I am always very sad when a tree is sick or dies….YOu might need to get someone who knows what they are talking about to take a look at yours. As for brown…it’s everywhere…when it does rain again we will all be jumping up and down. When I get down to Wales I promise to come and see you…something I would love to do. I am off t the States on the 7th to stay with Jarrod and is partner Kendle on their horse farm in Amish country….Christie will come down for a week form Boston…Other than the travel which I am dreading, I am of course really looking forward to seeing them. It will be Jarrod’s 56th birthday two days after I arrive. Sending you both love…hope you are keeping well. Janet XX

  2. Emma Cownie

    The lovely thing is that if a tree dies and is allowed to fall and rot where it stood, all its energy and nurients go back into the wood (often to its closest relatives). Trees look after their own too.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      I am just learning about this in the book – ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’. – Everything is interconnected – everything, – and until we understand and acknowledge this we will continue to flounder.! Hope you are keeping cool….:)

  3. snowbird

    Oh how I agree with you. Trees are magical. I love the huge beech trees in our garden. I am fascinated by the roots of trees and fungi too, yes all things sure are interconnected. Wonderful paintings and

  4. davidjrogersftw

    Janet, thank you for this post on trees you have seen, The photos and paintings are becautiful as yours always are. It has been hot here too, but it is not like your hot. Let’s hope such heat never happens again. David

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you David..we are experiencing another heatwave – not quite as hot as before, but hot….and the whole country, is a tinder box….we are rain dancing…. Janet 🙂


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