The Chair in Mas Cabardes appeared like a mirage…..

Rapid watercolour sketch of chair in house at Mas Cabardes France

All the sketches in this post are rapid watercolours taken from one of my many sketchbooks.

I arrived at the house in the village of Mas Cabardes during early evening hours. I had taken the train from Paris to Carcassonne, where I took a local mini bus up into the beautiful Montain Noir area to the village.

After retrieving the house key from the local Epicerie ….I walked into a house flooded with the light of the South….and there in one of the rooms was a chair…like a mirage….totally integrated into the light and colour surrounding it. The chair fit like a piece of a magical jigsaw puzzle.

I knew that I was in the right place…

And then there were the cats……

Everywhere I looked…..

Snuggling cats….

Definitely my kind of place….

Steeped in the heart of Cathar country….a feeling of history and spiritual energy emanated from this place……

Craggy cliffs, some with old forts aloft…..a place that had not changed in centuries. followed by a view from one of the hallways in the house….looking out.

I spent quite a bit of time there alone and then returned at a later date when I spent more time with the locals.

Sophie, one of the local children.

Jaques who came to watch me paint….

I plan to use images from other sketchbooks as triggers for new posts.


20 thoughts on “The Chair in Mas Cabardes appeared like a mirage…..

  1. Timothy Price

    Beautiful watercolors. As you might expect, I especially like the cats. The table with the open window really draws you in. All the paintings are all exquisite.


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