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Special Moments.

Some special moments during the month of May.

First meeting with Ratka Bodgen, poet writer and fellow member of Axlepin Publishing.     Ratka and her husband flew in from the States…on their way to Macedonia….which allows us to meet and have coffee.


Claudia Notalle, a highly regarded actress and director from France…someone I have known for 36 years spent a a week with me.    Always wonderful.


Another friend and fellow artist of long standing, Bonnie Halsey Dutton, spent five days with me  on her way to Orvieto, Italy for a summer school.


Then a big surprise when one of my favourite nephews from California e mailed to say that he and the family would be in London for 48 hours on their way to Scotland…..I have know Dunham since he was six years old…..Our time together was fantastic, and filled with Harry Potter questions and stories:)



Time spent with good friends and family is so very precious.


A Bientôt


More images from the past….

I am on a roll, and so thought it would be fun to show more photos from the past.

Interestingly, I had my first solo exhibition at the Chester County Arts Association in 1976, and my last solo exhibition in Pennsylvania at Chester County Arts Center  about a year before I returned to the UK/Europe in 1993.

I am standing next to one of a series of large oils which were all biographical still life paintings.      This painting represents  the lives of two very important people in my life journey.


My first solo exhibition at CCAA in 1976.


A newspaper cutting of me in front of the large oil portrait of my dear (departed from this world) friend, the astrologer Adzie Mixxie.       I am pleased to say that it is now with me in London.


My son Jarrod and I enjoying The Easter Parade in New York….about 1995



A studio in the Massara Buiding, West Chester, Pa.    The large oil self portrait was painted in 1989.


A road trip across Texas on the way to Sante Fe, New Mexico, with American artist, Maggie Battalino.


Teaching in Spearfish, S. Dakota.


A ‘selfie’ I took just before Christmas, wearing my prized medal from Axlepin Publishing in the Philippines.

Sometime, I will show some of the many photographs taken since I returned to the UK /Europe in 1993.


A bientot

Sending Magical Hummingbirds to my friends in the Philippines.

Through social media and Axlephiin Publishing, which I am very proud to be part of, I have come to know many people from the Philippines.  

I have learned that it’s a country that produces highly creative and talented artists, with a clear respect and love for the arts in its many different expressions.  

My friends in Manilla, say that the city is OK, and life is going on as per normal, however there are clearly other parts of this beautiful Archipelago, where there has been total devastation from the giant typhoon which hit yesterday. 

Sitting in the Ring of Fire, an area notorious for earthquakes, volcanos and typhoons, the Philippine people are used to disruptions, however, even for them, this most recent natural disaster, was huge. 

Hummingbirds are courageous and resilient, qualities that I know the Philippine people posses and will show in the coming days. 



Wishing everyone a peaceful and loving weekend. 

A Bientôt