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Christeve the Cat Finds her Home – the conclusion.

‘Sitting between mountains and watched by the moon, with hummingbirds weaving their love, this true story is told in the Magical Town of Crickadoon’



The door opened wide and there was Janet the Artist waiting inside. 


Janet the Artist scooped up Little Cat with deep tenderness and love, for she had found her new home!.


From high above the Magical Town of Crickadoon, hummingbirds of every colour were flying under the moon..


……………..The End…………..

Janet the Artist named the Little Cat, CHRISTEVE the Cat, because she had arrived at her new home on a very special Christmas Eve

Here is the actual cottage in the Magical Town of Crickadoon where Christeve the Cat found her home with Janet the Artist. 


Christeve the Cat, safe and warm in her new home……


Christeve the Cat on the shed roof enjoying her own little garden.


Next week, I will write more about life in the Magical Town of Crickadoon….

For now, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend:)



A Bientôt

Christeve the Cat finds her home….for children of all ages.

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to tell the story of Christeve the Cat and how she found her home with Janet the Artist in the Magical Town of Crickadoon.


Based on a true story, Christeve the Cat who was lost and alone, found her new home with Janet the Artist on a stormy Christmas Eve in 1996.     In the story Christeve was guided to Janet by magical hummingbirds.

The story will unfold each day until Christmas Eve – So let us begin…… 

Sitting between mountains and watched by the moon, with hummingbirds weaving their love,  this story is told in the Magical Town of Crickadoon….


There once was a cat, lost and alone….she needed to find a home of her own. 


She was a calico cat, which means that she is white, yellow and  black….


Here is her front….


And here is her back……


And here is one of the Magical Hummingbirds that helped Christeve on her way. 


More tomorrow………



A Bientôt




The Arrival of Sasha

This is a good time of the year to talk and think about people and animals who are homeless.    

Those of us who are fortunate enough to have a roof over our heads, heating, and food in the cupboards often take so much for granted.   

The stories i have told in the last week about Phoebe the Jack Russell and Christeve the Cat finding loving homes, are metaphors for all those in our world who are searching for a place of their own. 

Today’s story is about Sasha finding a loving home, and how often things happen when least expected. 

Watercolour of Sasha.



In 1989 I painted several murals at the Pennsylvania Animal Hospital in Philadelphia.    It was a huge veterinary clinic, catering for small and large animals.       I worked there for about one month.

Just before the work was completed a lady suggested that I come and look at a little kitten that had been brought in that day.    As she put it….the kitten looked like she had fallen into a paint pot:)      

At the time I was living and working in my West Chester, Pennsylvania studio and already had two beautiful cats in residence.     My initial reaction was that it wouldn’t work to bring home a young kitten…….that was until I saw her………………………..

As I approached the cage the little kitten, who did indeed look like she had fallen into a paint pot….put her paw through the cage and touched me…..the rest was history:)

I remember the moment I took her into the studio….my Tom Cat, whose name was Tushy and this new, tiny kitten immediately bonded!   It was quite remarkable.     

Now named Sasha, the following four photographs show how close she and Tushy the Tom cat became.    He was so patient with her. 



By the way, every time I set up a still life in the studio…the cats would consider it their new place to hang out…





As we partake in the season’s festivities, its important to remember all of the refugees and  people around the world who have so little at this time.     By showing gratitude for what we have, is to acknowledge those with so much less. 

A Bientôt




Christeve the Cat finds her home…..

This is the true story of Christeve the Cat who found her home with Janet the Artist in the Magical Town of Crickadoon. 

In this portrait, Christeve looks like the cat who swallowed the canary…….:)



During a wild storm in The Magical Town of Crickadoon on Christmas Eve 1996, a little cat ran for shelter into a nearby cottage.




The cottage belonged to Janet the Artist.    After the storm had passed, Janet the Artist looked for the owners of the little cat, and was told that they had moved away two years before, and that the little cat had been homeless ever since. 



The little cat settled into the cottage immediately and because she had arrived on Christmas EveJanet the Artist named the little cat Christeve. 



Christeve and Janet the Artist lived very happily together.    Christeve would sit with Janet the Artist  as she painted, and of course Janet the Artist made many paintings of Christeve. 




Janet the Artist wrote a little book telling the story of how Christeve the Cat found her new home…….The story is all about trust, love and believing in the unseen magic in our world. 


Here is Christeve the Cat enjoying the comfort and warmth of her new home.      



A Bientôt