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Caught with their pants down!

My title refers specifically to British politicians who have been well and truly caught with their pants down!

At this point in time, there is a whole list of things that would fall into that category but the one I am referring to is the total lack of understanding politicians seem to have when it comes to human nature and what their constituents really want and need.

watercolour/gouache – David

Early on in the pandemic Boris Johnson asked the British public to work from home – something I have been doing for many years and so know it offers a much better quality of life.

It didn’t take a heartbeat for the British public to recognise that their lives were greatly enhanced by not having to commute on crowded, very expensive and unpunctual trains. Let alone fight to get on buses (as very few people seem to honour the British queuing system anymore) – or drive in bumper to bumper traffic….pay congestion charges and so on.

On top of this employees and employers alike were surprised to learn that people working from home are on the whole happier and much more productive.

watercolour/gouache portrait demonstration – Paris. The expression people have on their faces when commuting to work……:)

Of course not everyone can work from home….but it stands to reason that if a vast swathe of the population is, public transportation is greatly freed up for those that have to travel every day……a win win situation.

Last weekend I travelled by train to Kent (for the first time since lock down) and experienced one of the most civilised and pleasant rail journeys I can remember. Given that there were very few people on trains and stations, social distancing was easy and trains clean and punctual! I travelled on Friday and Monday – days that would normally be busy and crowded….not this week – it was a delight.

Little Cosmo who I spent time with last weekend.

Now here’s the rub….Boris Johnson is now virtually begging (some have inferred threatening) the British people to get back on public transportation and the public is saying – NO THANK YOU. The Fat Cats who have also been caught with their pants down are worried sick that large corporations are not renewing leases…and people en masse are saying they don’t want to go back to the old ways….they want to continue to work from home and live differently.

On top of this when I visited my friends in Kent who have lived in their house for forty years surrounded by beautiful Kentish countryside and just one mile from their local village, I was invited to a community planning meeting about a new ‘country town’ that has been proposed – (mostly to entice people from overcrowded London to the countryside…..) which would completely change the demographics of their area.

quick sketch of wise little Cosmo…..

And so here we are with our major cities looking like ghost towns and our countryside getting more and more developed.

Seems to me that we need wise, innovative and creative leadership…..and a leadership that respects and understands human nature and the ever threatening climate change.

Cosmo who represents the future of this country and the world enjoying simple, creative play….

Something we discussed at length this past weekend was the overpopulation of a small country/Island such as the UK. I don’t have the answers for that, but surely it is clear to see that what we have been doing simply hasn’t worked.

The Pandemic has helped us all to see other ways of being….alternatives to the horrific treadmill that so many people have been forced on.

For those people running small businesses and relying on big cities to support them it is perhaps time to adapt to other solutions. Maybe this is where the Government should be helping and supporting these people as they adapt to our brave new world.

As a working artist and Mother for all of my adult life I had to learn to adapt…if I didn’t I simply wouldn’t/couldn’t survive.

watercolour of Margarida at the school in Portugal where I will. be on 30th Sept. Please do join me for a week of creativity. http://www.artinthealgarve.com

September is always the beginning of a new year for me….probably because as a Mother it always was – back to school….etc:) This year will be about NEW BEGINNINGS….

Including my daughter Christie Reed has started to write a blog…one I am enjoying very much. You can read it at http://humankindbydesign.life

See you in September….Janet 🙂