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Life is expressed in a perpetual sequence of changes…..

‘Life is expressed in a perpetual sequence of changes.   The birth of the child is the death of the baby, just as the birth of the adolescent is the death of the child’   From the book Buddhist Offerings. 





Have a lovely Easter weekend and may the magical hummingbirds be with you.

A Bientôt

We must not forget our ties to nature….

‘In the past all of life was based on trees.   Their flowers gave us nourishment, their leaves and fibres clothed us and provided us with shelter.   


We took refuge on their branches for protection from wild animals.   We used wood for heat, and for canes to bear our weight when we grew old. 


and to make weapons to defend ourselves…….


We were very close to trees.


Today, surrounded by sophisticated machinery and high-performance computers in our ultra-modern offices, it is easy to forget our ties with nature……The 14th Dalai Lama. 


Enjoy the Magical Hummingbirds today.





A  Bientôt

Beware of the Chattering Monkeys

I was fortunate to go to art college in the early sixties where  the importance of figure drawing/painting was emphasised.    During the coming week, I will write more about this discipline and how it formed the foundation block for my creative life.

For today, this twenty minute watercolour portrait of a model painted at the Boathouse Studio demonstrates some of the same techniques that I have been showing in my tutorials.  


All the white, is white paper.   I have used a mix of Burnt Sienna and Prussian Blue for the darks with hints of Cadmium Orange and a touch of violet. 

One of the key elements in preventing creatives from working on a consistent basis, are The Chattering Moneys. 


Chattering Monkeys are the little demons that fill our heads with reasons why we should not, and cannot do something!

They are the Yin to our Yang…..

I am sure just as you begin to paint, they are telling you that you don’t have time and that you can’t draw or paint anyway!

Ignore them. 

Just begin, and eventually they will go away……..

‘Do not encumber your mind with useless thoughts.   What good does it do to brood on the past or anticipate the future?   Remain in the simplicity of the present moment.      From the book Buddhist Offerings. 

A Bientôt

Less is More.

Perhaps a real understanding of less being more, comes with age.    I have certainly found this to be true with painting and life in general. 

I met someone yesterday who is at a turning point, and wanting to put more emphasis on being an artist rather than endlessly driving from A to B and organising a house full of STUFF.

This quick watercolour study of a model at the Boathouse Studio is an example of less being more.    Note that all the techniques I have been showing in my tutorials are in this quick sketch. 




Perhaps one of the many lessons we learn with watercolour painting is the art of letting go.    Getting out of the way and allowing the paint to do its own thing. 

It was only when I began to understand this concept in my own life that I was able to let go of all the unnecessary stuff, which in turn freed me up to immerse myself into the creative process. 

In today’s fast paced world, it’s very easy to live our lives in boxes, all the time being plugged into some sort of technology.    A little of this is necessary, however, too much of it deadens the senses….and consequently our creativity. 

This quote from the book Buddhist Offerings, says it all. 

‘Our five senses are like openings through which we receive all the perceptions that are then transformed into concepts and ideas.’ 

Wishing everyone a magical hummingbird weekend:)



A Bientôt