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Phoebe Friday – a budgerigar named Henrietta and other doggy friends…..

10626134_10152668477555396_8591676068519698226_o It’s Phoebe Friday – which means I get to visit Phoebe the Jack Russell, Henrietta the budgerigar and Josie who has known me since the day I was born.      Always a lovely thing to do. Josie and Phoebe having a conversation…. P1110581 Henrietta the Budgerigar – Phoebe becomes very jealous when I talk to Henrietta….. P1140095 Two beauties I see when visiting friends in Wiltshire. P1130660 P1130715 And Bertie Bull Dog….a friend of Cristeve the Cat P1140667

And of course some magic for the weekend in the form of a hummingbird.


Have a lovely weekend.

A Bientôt