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Drawing nudes preserves memory better than exercise or puzzles…..

This week will be dedicated to the joy of drawing and painting the human form.

Last week I was sent an article based on a research paper from Newcastle University, entitled ‘Drawing nudes preserves memory better than exercise or puzzles’

I have been drawing/painting nudes for over fifty years, and it is still one of my greatest pleasures to be working in a studio with a good model – particularly for the fast poses.

Twenty minute study – watercolour & felt tip pen


Life drawing is widely accepted as the foundation block for a fine art training.    Given that the human form offers the artist the most complex of creations, learning to draw it is considered one of the more difficult artistic challenges.    In my opinion it is the best way to hone observational skills.

I was fortunate in that when I went to art college in the early sixties we had life drawing sessions every day, and I am pleased to see after years of neglect, that figure/life drawing has come back into vogue.

Twenty minute study – watercolour


“It is my belief that the creative process in all its many forms is the key to physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing”. 

When I begin work….I start with one to five minute poses – referred to as ‘croquis’     These are all about capturing the gesture.      

When giving workshops with a life model I suggest that people start out using newspaper. This removes the fear of messing up a good piece of paper, and allows people to warm up.      It is so often the case that these warm ups turn out to be the best work, simply because the obstacle of fear has been removed. 

Watercolour & felt tip pen – five minute study. 


In this rapid sketch – I focused on the head and hand….endeavouring to capture as quickly as possible the gesture and expression of the model.

Watercolour & felt tip pen


A somewhat redundant statement, as I don’t buy lottery tickets,  but were I to win the lottery, along with the perfect Marmite Heaven scenario, I would work with models every morning for two hours a day………

Tomorrow how the creative process benefits our physical wellbeing.

A Bientôt