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The magic of Bonfire nights…

It’s getting to be that time of year again for the annual bonfire celebrations.     Here are photographs I took two years ago at the event in Rye, Sussex.   

The county of Sussex is steeped in bonfire history, dating back to the burning of protestant martyrs during Tudor times.     To commemorate these ancient traditions and political events, the Bonfire Societies were formed in the 19th century.      

To experience the eerie torchlit processions with marching bands, drummers, Morris Men, pirates, pipers and floats featuring bonfire effigies, – all in a wonderful carnival atmosphere….there are several events scheduled throughout Sussex during the months of September, October and November. 

I am glad to report that health and Safely has not ruined the fun thus far!

I go with my two childhood friends Mick and Gail….This is Mick banging the drum. 


The participants wear fantastic costume and many have painted faces. 


It’s so far removed from modern entertainment….like stepping back to another time.  


There are hundreds of people involved in the procession which works its way around the ancient town of Rye.


Finishing at the huge bonfire site. 


Just to add to the excitement…fireworks are then set off….


I am hoping to attend again this October.    


Of course there has to be a Magical Hummiingbird. 




A Bientôt