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Tate Britain – one of my favourites.

I had a lovely time with Maureen – it all seemed to flow so beautifully, including our visit to Tate Britain on Friday.

Tate Britain – situation on Millbank – London. 


Opened in 1897 the gallery was originally called National Gallery of British Art, and then in 1932 renamed Tate Gallery after its founder Sir Henry Tate. 

When Tate Modern was opened on Southbank in 2000 – the gallery was given the name it is known by today, Tate Britain. 

Maureen’s and my initial purpose was to see the Late Turner – Painting Set Free – Exhibition which focuses on Turner’s work during his sixties and seventies.      A superb exhibition, which I will talk about more in a another blog.

Part of the major renovation of the Gallery which was completed in 2013, is the new spiral staircase beneath the rotunda as you go through the main entrance.

The following images are photographs I took looking down into the staircase.






More about our Tate Britain visit tomorrow.

Wishing everyone a Magical Hummingbird Monday.





A Bientôt.