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A conversation with Claudia prompted me to make some changes……

Claudia is Madame Nottale’s daughter.     Claudia came to stay with me and my young family back in 1978 when we were living in the States.       We connected through mutual friends…..and  have been close ever since.

Over the years, I have painted Claudia many times, and whenever I spend time with her, she makes an impact on my life…..and that was the case last week in Paris.

Charcoal drawing of Claudia – circa 1995.


it began when Claudia asked me what I thought about the changing of her very busy schedule of workshops, theatre, choreography, etc. so that she could write a book about her work.       My response was to say….she should definitely do it, and not to put it off.

Claudia – at 17 years – circa 1978 – oil on canvas


As I thought more about our conversation, I realised that it’s time for me to make some changes.  It’s interesting how sometimes someone else’s questions spark off questions in ourselves.

To begin with – from now on I will blog once or twice a week….which will allow more time for my painting and writing.

As I have been writing my blog for seven years, and am fast approaching seventy this coming January – it seems like a good time make some adjustments.    Although I have always considered age to be simply a number, I am aware that the clock is ticking and that I mustn’t put the things off that I really want to do.

Claudia during our conversation in a cafe in Paris last week. 


So this is the plan.     I will write another blog on Friday about the superb exhibition my friend Claire and I enjoyed at Musee d’Orsay last week (Splendour & Misery, Pictures of Prostitution, 1850-1910), and then begin the new routine of blogging once or twice a week.      I will, of course still read everyone else’s blogs, which I love to do.     I learn so much from them….

This will give me more time to paint and produce a book about my own life as an artist which I have been talking about doing for several years!     It is my hope that through my experiences it might help others on their creative path.

I will of course continue to post magical hummingbirds as a reminder of the unseen magic in our world:) which by the way is free for anyone of us to tap into……


A Bientôt.