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When I used to drive and heard a knocking sound in the engine, instead of worrying, I would turn the radio up.

‘When I used to drive and heard a knocking sound in the engine, instead of worrying, I would turn the radio up’ – Janet Weight Reed.

rapid watercolour/gouache – Conca dei Marini – Amalfi Coast, Italy. 


For me this a metaphor for life….Rather than worry about all the minutia, I find it better to either throw some paint around, take a long walk or turn the music up.

Some magical hummingbirds for the day.


A bientôt

Bringing some warmth and sunshine into the day….

Conca dei Marini – Amalfi Coast, Italy. – watercolour/gouahce


Here in the UK….we are experiencing a cold snap, with high winds, rain and a feeling of autumn.   This will change by the weekend, but for now I am bringing some warmth and sunshine into the day via sketches I have made in some lovely warm places.

Monet’s garden at Giverney.    I was most privileged (thanks to my artist friend Mariethe Salort) to sit and paint in the garden alone after all the visitors had gone.   watercolour/gouache


A very special july 4th at Curriers sur Sein – with friends Mariethe, Bonnie and Yves TaxiDriver:)   watercolour/gouache


Painting with two member of the group in Portugal…I am under the sun hat….

I don’t particularly enjoy very hot weather, but I can remember how lovely it felt to be be on that beach feeling the warmth of the sun……It will come again….


Magical hummingbirds floating in sunshine.


A Bientôt

Text for Landscape Tutorial

I painted this image on the magnificent Amalfi Coast, Italy.

Frame 1

For this sketch I am working on a cadmium orange ground which I apply at least 24 hours before use.   Because I am working on a colour ground, I am using a watercolour/gouache mix.     Gouache is an opaque water medium with excellent coverage.   I love the mix of transparent watercolour with opaque gouache.

Frame 2

Using a burnt sienna/Prussian blue mix I indicate the darks of the composition, and also begin to move some of the other colours around the painting.

Frame 3

Using designer gouache permanent white, I now begin to add the lightest areas of the painting, and continue to move other colours around the image to bring a sense of harmony and cohesion.

Frame 4 – Final image.

Mixing transparent watercolour and opaque gouache and working on colour grounds will be explored during the workshop in Portugal

The workshop is for all levels, including total beginners.   For more information go to. http://www.artinthealgarve.com.

A Bientot.

New Beginnings

‘Pull a thread here and you’ll find it’s attached to the rest of the world.’   Nadeem Aslam. 

I have been working on a large oil painting over the summer.    It’s 5′ x 4′  (152 x 122 cm) and for the first time, I am using Winsor & Newton water mixable oils.      They behave and work in much the same way as regular oils and the clean up is so much easier.   I give them an all round thumbs up.

I wanted to express through this painting the interconnectedness of all life.  

As humans we seem to be fixated with what can be seen and touched.    I am much more interested in the unseen magic and wonders of our world.   My goal is to achieve a sense of atmosphere and emotion, tapping into the intangible elements of life. 

Given that the painting incorporates the same symbolism I have been using in my work during the past forty years, it is also  a self portrait of my life as an artist.

The painting is still a work in progress.


I am a lover of all animals, and especially big and little cats.

The tigers symbolise passion, mystery, sensuality and patience.

The Peacock – nobility, guidance, immortality and renewal.

The Great White Egret – is known in many ancient cultures as the spirit messenger.

The hummingbirds – were believed to be messengers between the worlds, symbolising eternity, continuity and infinity.

The landscape in this painting is taken from the magnificent Amalfi Coast in Italy.    I stayed in Conca dei Marini last October and fell in love with the place…..and its exquisite light.

I found a beautiful little fountain with a stone cherub overlooking the bay where I painted watercolours, which I used as reference in this painting.

The Little cat in the bottom left hand corner of the painting, visited me there, and it felt as if she had brought a message to me from my beloved cat Cristeve.

The Morning Glory flowers, symbolise death and re-birth.    The seeds which have hallucinogenic properties were made into drinks by the Aztecs when communicating with the spirits.

The new moon – represents – new beginnings.

The following are some watercolours used as reference for this painting:-

Great White Egret.


The little visiting calico cat.


Conca dei Marini, Amalfi Coast.  



For anyone interested in my blogs over the past five years….Go into my website at http://www.janetweightreed.co.uk and click on the ‘Archive blog’ button.

For now I wish one and all a beautiful day filled with loving hummingbirds:)

A Bientôt