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Self-Discipline equals freedom

Through personal experience it has become my belief that the creative process in all its many forms, is the answer to emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.  


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So how do we tap into the creative process so that we may benefit from and experience the fulfilment it can offer on a daily basis? 


For the first forty years of my life, although I considered myself to be a creative,  hindsight tells me that my wings were clipped, preventing me from enjoying the freedom to fully express myself.


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This blog is about how I achieved personal freedom  through self-discipline.

Self-discipline is often construed as boring and limiting.   Old definitions of discipline are about using punishment to control or correct disobedience,  however, I have found that it is just the opposite….it can equal freedom –  a sense of well being, and an ability to cope  on a day to day basis in our complex world.


The new buzz word, ‘mindfulness’ – as I see it,  is  just another word for self-discipline.        Being mindful allows us to learn new and positive habits which in turn help us to focus and bring consistency into our daily lives.


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Prior to a turning point at the age of forty, I was scattered – I lacked consistency and clear boundaries.         I had children to raise and like most people with young families a lot going on, but when it came to my painting, I lacked any real routine which caused me to feel unhappy and  frustrated.

When I made the decision to change this way of being, I began by learning new habits….one at a time.       I gave myself boundaries and routines which in turn began to bring a sense of balance to my life and work.    As each new habit was formed, my confidence and sense of wellbeing  grew.


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Thirty years on from having made that decision, I relish the rhythms, rituals and routines I have established.

It is important to say that nothing in life is ‘fixed’.      Depending on changing circumstances, sometimes we need to establish new habits and routines.    The key is that they work for us.

I plan to write more on this subject in my next blogs.

Tomorrow, I will be re-blogging one of David Roger’s posts, entitled ‘Writing Routines and Rituals’  which speaks so eloquently about this subject.



A Bientôt