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Happy Independence Day to all my friends in the USA

I took this photograph of my niece, daughter and one of the ‘angel twins’ in front of a mural in Ipswich, Massachusetts.    It’s the perfect image for Independence Day. 


Make sure to drink from the sweet nectar of life today, like the magical hummingbird.   


A bientôt

Cleansing my mental palette….

I have just returned from another visit to the school in Alhao, Portugal – http://www.artinthealgarve.com  

Along with meeting several exciting artists, I came away feeling inspired and ready to immerse myself into the creative process.

I like to cleanse my mental palette every now and then….and this was one of those occasions when clarity came flooding in…..

I will be writing much more about my time at the school next week…..

Today I will drink from the sweet nectar of life like the magical hummingbirds:) watercolour


A Bientôt

Tip toe through the tulips…….

A friend brought me some tulips this weekend which I am now enjoying.

Observing the tulips got me thinking about humankind’s fickleness and need for status symbols!


Today the  tulip is simply a tulip…..a lovely flower usually originating from Holland and one that we enjoy during spring time.


However, during the Dutch Golden Age, roughly spanning the 17th century, Tulip Mania, broke out with some single tulip bulbs selling for more than ten times the annual income of a skilled craftsman. 

The tulip with its saturated intense petal colour became a status symbol.


The magical hummingbird flies free of such constraints, drinking from the sweet nectar of life. 


A Bientôt