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Earth Rise – Human Universe

Yesterday I watched Human Universe another superb BBC 2 TV documentary hosted by scientist/physicist Brian Cox.

Brian Cox considers how humankind believed Earth to be at the centre of the Universe for such a long time, until human curiosity eventually lead us to explore space.


I was reminded of the extraordinary images of Earth taken by the astronauts on Opollo II.   I was 23 years  old and remember humankind’s collective sense of awe in seeing our planet from another point of view.

By 1969, we had already begun to pollute our planet, however, no one could have imagined the mess we would continue to make over the years…..


A new study released over the weekend confirms that 90% of climate change has been caused by Humankind!          

Will we change our collective ways?    I don’t know.    Sadly there is too much greed and money involved….and where there is greed and money, all good sense seems to disappear. 


Millions of us around the planet are trying to abate and turn the tide, and of course we must continue to do all we can.

Perhaps we need to be reminded more frequently of our place in the Universe, and how from the surface of the Moon we appear rather like a magnificent jewel – one that needs to be treasured.

Speaking of flying jewelsMagical Hummingbirds symbolise the abundance of natural beauty on Planet Earth – a beauty that must never be taken for granted.   A beauty that needs our collective protection more than ever before. 




A Bientôt