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En Bal D’amour – Nantes- Part II

‘I think it’s because it was an emotional story, and emotions come through much stronger in black and white.    Colour can be distracting, it pleases the eye but it doesn’t necessarily reach the heart’   Kim Hunter. 

Photographs are by French photographer Denis Rion. 


As soon as I saw these black and white photographs of the cast from  En Bal D’amour my heart missed a beat or two.       Through these images Denis Rion has captured a moment in time charged with emotion.


These portraits have reminded me of the power within a monochromatic image, be it a photograph or painting……

As a ‘colourist’ – I sometimes find it soothing and a way to switch off a part of my brain and yet sharpen another part, when I  observe black and white images.


Greater emphasis is given to light play and form.


When I observe people in workshops becoming confused about ‘colour and tone’ – I recommend they make a colour photograph of their subject and then turn it into a black and white image, allowing focus on  light play, form and tone.


There is such drama in these images.


My friend Claudia Nottale – director of the play.


Charcoal sketch of Claudia Nottale- 1995. 


I am off to Dorset this weekend to visit my friend Maureen….who I went to art college with  way back in the early sixties….

Here we are in 1964 – posing in front of the newly opened Commonwealth Institute in Kensington, London.       It was such a simple, wonderful time to be alive.  

906544_10151599885970396_50596696_oWishing one and all a beautiful weekend.

A Bientôt

En Bal D’amour – Spectacle pour 10 clowns

13227592_10153388039805882_1640174500288876379_oI am off to France this week to stay with my dear friend Claudia Nottale who has a production in rehearsal for a performance on Sunday 29th May.

I am fortunate to be painting watercolours of the actors as they rehearse leading up to the performance.        Will show all after I return.

En Bal D’amour is showing at Maison de Quartier des Confluences Nantes.

A rapid watercolour/gouache of Claudia – One of many portraits I have painted of Claudia since we first met in 1978. 


May magical hummingbirds surround us all this week and of course the actors as they rehearse……

20-11-15 - 1 (20)A Bientôt