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Happy Birthday Mick.

Today is my friend Mick Duff’s 70th birthday.   


Mick and I first met when we were five years old.     We attended The Camp School in Kent, situated in the middle of bluebell woods and housed in wooden army huts from the war, it was a wonderful foundation for creative spirits.

Gail, Mick’s wife, came to The Camp School when she was about seven – and yes, they married and together have lived a life filled with creativity, along with producing their glorious daughter, Lucy.

There was no central heating in the classrooms, – we grew vegetables in little gardens around the huts, which we ate for our lunch.   We danced around the maypole, as well as lots of country dancing.    We walked and ran everywhere….no being ferried around in cars…

Mick and Gail are very involved with keeping up ancient English folk lore traditions.  They believe that their love of this came directly from one particular teacher at The Camp School, Mrs Whitefield. 

When we get together, it’s as if no time has gone by at all….as if we are exactly the same as we were back then……long may that last.

May the magical hummingbirds always surround you, Mick.


A Bientôt