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What it is to be an artist

Over the weekend I met with a young friend who is a world class musician/composer.    We talked about the frustrations that artists of all disciplines must learn to live with.

Recently someone sent me examples of a young woman’s work and asked that I give advice about her becoming an artist.   The work showed real potential, however I told her that if she really wanted to pursue the life of an artist, she would have to want it almost more than life itself!

‘True art is characterised by an irresistible urge in the creative artist’   Albert Einstein. 

Rapid, expressive watercollour/gouache working from a cadmium orange ground.   




Come the new year, I plan to write a lot more on this subject because it is one that affects us all….artists and non artists alike.     

To be a working artist, (and when I use the word artist, I mean artists of all disciplines) is definitely not for the faint hearted.    Living with the ‘feast or famine’ syndrome and many other uncertainties, demands a deep, abiding commitment to one’s work.   

Rapid watercolour/gouache working on orange ground.    These sketches are like spilling my guts onto the paper…..




For now, I plan to relax a little during the festive season.     Today I will visit my 94 year old Aunt.    I can remember the moment when I was about three years old in my Grandmother’s house in London seeing my Aunt’s sketchbook….and knowing that this is what I wanted to do:)     

A Bientôt