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A wonderful time with Lynn and Stratton Kearns.

I first met Lynn in 1974 when I moved into a house next door to Lynn’s parent’s in Westtown, Pennsylvania.

Lynn’s parents were to become some of my closest friends.     I attended Lynn and Stratton’s wedding in 1977 and since then our lives have been intertwined.     The Kearnsclan, as I like to call them, which includes their four children, are more like family.

Lynn and Stratton with The Astoria, Pink Floyd’s sound studio (the brown houseboat) behind them.    This is taken from the tow path across from Hampton on our way to Hampton Court Palace. 


They have have been with me for the past few days before flying to Napal last night where they will meet up with other doctors to set up a medical camp – giving help to the earthquake victims.

Walking the tow path from Hampton to Hampton Court Palace..Wednesday was quite lovely.   Note the hummingbirds on Lynn’s top…..and they brought me a beautiful glass hummingbird gift.


Lynn and Stratton have four wonderful children who are now grown up…..Together the family have experienced some amazing adventures, none less than the year they spent in the Province of Cameroon 2000/2001.

At the time Lynn was 47, Stratton 49 and the children, Amy 14, Katherine 13, Jackson 10 and Maddy 8.    They were based in a medical compound in Meskine, seven miles from Maroa in the far north Province of Cameroon.

Lynn and Katherine (who was 13 at the time) preparing for surgery in the Meskine Medical Camp.      They worked and lived under extreme conditions for one year.    it was pre mobile phones etc., and so they relied on satellite communication to send and receive e mails.

Meskine sits on the edge of the jungle and Sahara Desert.    Along with extreme heat, total reliance upon a dodgy generator – there was dust from the desert and of course snakes and insects.   Most fortunate they are both doctors.



This is Lynn on Lake Maga on the Chad Border.     The lake was filled with hippos…….and the whole family was in the boat…and as you can see the boat was somewhat rickety!   Talk about an act of faith…….


Clearly there are so many stories to tell about that year, and I hope that someday one of the family will write a book about the experience.

The children are amazing human beings and have benefited greatly from this experience and others….

Needless to say because of its proximity to the Nigerian border and the Terrorist group, Boca Haram, the medical camp has had to be evacuated…..

I love this picture of the family before they left Africa.   Jackson is holding his pet monkey.

til August 10 441

So that was then, and this is now…..

After they leave Napal in about nine days they will then move onto Southern Indian to continue their work with the Ebeneezer Christian Ministries.     This is a place where children find a home under the love and care of Sparjan Geddada and his lovely wife Grace. 

Lynn and Stratton with some of the beautiful children from the home on a previous visit. 


Lynn with some of the children on a previous visit.

til August 10 447

Lynn and Stratton helped to raise funds for a new house.    At thirteen the boys and girls have to be separated, and so rather than have them taken somewhere else, this house was built to accommodate them.      This was the dedication of the new house with Lynn and Sparjan.


I am sure they will have more remarkable adventures in Napal and on their return visit to Inida….and when I receive pictures, I will write another blog.

Magical Hummingbirds are flying around them as they continue to live their own lives to the full and help so many others.


a Bientôt