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Magical hummingbirds for Friday.

It’s Friday – time for colour, sweet nectar, magical hummingbirds and the sense of floating free of time. 


I saw my first hummingbird in Asheville, North Carolina in 1968 – a memorable moment.    They symbolise for me the unseen magic in our world.


Some ancient peoples believed that hummingbirds were messengers between the worlds, symbolising eternity, continuity and infinity.


During the cold night, a hummingbird is able to almost shut down its heart in order to conserve energy.    In the morning as the sun rises, the hummingbird seems to miraculously come alive again.


When I visited Gainesville, Georgia last October, I was able to sit and observe the hummingbirds dancing around me.     The day after I returned to the UK, I was told the hummingbirds left that place and began their journey south.


Although we are not graced with hummingbirds on this side of the Atlantic, in my imagination, they are surrounding me all the time……




A Bientôt