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Our Zoo – and a MeerKat Pup Debut

This little meerkat pup just made its debut at the Chester Zoo.


Which brings me to a wonderful BBC television series, entitled Our Zoo, based on the inspiring story of George Mottershead, who with incredible single mindedness, and against all odds, drove himself and his family to transform a ramshackle house on the outskirts of Chester into a unique visitor attraction that would change forever the way zoos kept animals.

George and his family as seen in the BBC series.    


Beautifully cast, and set in 1930s England, this is such an uplifting series.     The Little girl in the family picture is June Mottershead, played by Honor Kneafsey.

This photograph shows the real June Mottershead as a child with her pet pelican.


Much magic was weaved as the Mottershead Family stayed true to their course….

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A Bientôt