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A visit with Phoebe and Henrietta

Today I get to visit my favourite Jack Russell, Phoebe.    

Phoebe lives with Josie, who was a childhood friend of my Mothers.    Like me, Josie is an animal lover….which is evident as you enter her home.     Every surface and wall is covered with animal memorabilia, from cats and dogs, horses, elephants, donkeys, you name it.     There are also numerous clocks, none of which tell the correct time.   It’s a little like walking through the looking glass…..


Phoebe is always so excited to see me….and immediately tries to get into my bag where she knows I will have Welsh Cakes…which she loves:)

This is the look she gives me when she wants more…..how can I possibly resist…


Phoebe has a friend, named Henrietta…

Henrietta is a budgerigar…..not quite a hummingbird but very beautiful in her own way. 


 Phoebe and Josie having a conversation. 


I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  

May you float free of time with the Magical Hummingbirds. 




A Bientôt