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Warm sunshine from one of my sketchbooks….

Given the autumn like weather we are experiencing at the moment, I thought I would re blog this post to remind us all that summer is just around the corner………

The following images are from one of the many sketchbooks I have filled over the years.   They show moments in my life when I was sitting in warm summer sunshine…doing what I enjoy most …which is to commune with nature and paint.

Waterlilies painted at Monet’s Garden, Giverny.   


A special July 4th spent with fellow artists Mariethe Salort and Bonnie Halsey Dutton at Couriers sur Sein, France.     Watercolour/gouache. 


Looking down onto the rooftops of Geberoy, France and across the beautiful countryside of Picardie.  watercolour/gouache. 


Houses in Geberoy, Picardie.   Watercolour/gouache. 


Monet’s garden at Giverny, France.  A very special moment when I was sitting alone in the garden on a beautiful early summer’s evening.   watercolour/gouache. 


From a boat in the harbour at Kinsale, Ireland.   watercolour/gouache


From Conca dei Marini on the magnificent Amalfi Coast, Italy.   watercolour/goache.


It’s always lovely to re visit my sketchbooks, because they take me back to a moment in time.

Clearly during all these moment, the hummingbirds were weaving their magic.


A Bientôt

Ghosts from a time gone by….

I had a wonderful time this weekend in Kent with my friends of old, Gail and Mick.

On Saturday evening we went to The Gate Inn in Marshside, Kent to  celebrate the ancient custom of Wassailing.   The atmosphere was one celebration and of times gone by……

The guns were fired after the Apple Yowling. 


The words to this post come from the Yowling Song, written by Gail Duff. 


‘The moon is up, the stars are bright, the lantern’s lit, the fire’s alight,   And we are met in the cold night air, This ancient rite to share.


Our bowl it is made from the apple tree wood, And bound with silver to make it good.   It’s filled with cider spiced and hot, the best that we have got. 

We’ve toast for the Robins, so here they stay, And salt to drive bad spirits away,  The cider we sprinkle around, To bring good luck to the ground. 


Old Apple Tree, we Wassail thee, May you bud and bloom and bear, That when we come in another new year, There’ll be cider for all to share. 

So make your shout and bang your drums, Blow your horns and fire your guns, Make it loud as ever you can, To please the Apple Tree Man. 


Wassail, Wassail, we sing Wassail, Good health to all, may it never fail,   Take a drop from the blow as you say, “Drink Hael”, And join our Wassail. 

So stand fast root and bear well top, God send us a yowling crop, Every twig, apples big every bough, apples enow,  Hat fulls, cap fulls, bushel bushel bag fulls And little heaps under the stairs.  Apple Yowling, Voices howling, Success to the Old Apple Tree. 


After singing and a drink form the Wassail Cup – much merriment was had in the pub when musicians and singers joined together to celebrate:)


Mick and Gail’s daughter Lucy, playing the fiddle.


I was reminded once again that it’s important to remember from whence we cometh:)

A Bientot

While shepherds watch their flocks by night….

While Shepherds watch their flocks by night……….


The Angel of the Lord cam down…and glory shone around. 


 We three kings of Orient are – bearing gifts we traverse afar….


O Star of wonder, star of night – star with royal beauty bright. 


Westwood leading, still proceeding – Guide us to the Perfect Light. 


Courtesy of the Little Angles (children of St. Mary’s Primary School:)

Wishing one and all a beautiful holiday season filled with joy and love.

A Bientôt

Christeve the Cat finds her home….for children of all ages.

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to tell the story of Christeve the Cat and how she found her home with Janet the Artist in the Magical Town of Crickadoon.


Based on a true story, Christeve the Cat who was lost and alone, found her new home with Janet the Artist on a stormy Christmas Eve in 1996.     In the story Christeve was guided to Janet by magical hummingbirds.

The story will unfold each day until Christmas Eve – So let us begin…… 

Sitting between mountains and watched by the moon, with hummingbirds weaving their love,  this story is told in the Magical Town of Crickadoon….


There once was a cat, lost and alone….she needed to find a home of her own. 


She was a calico cat, which means that she is white, yellow and  black….


Here is her front….


And here is her back……


And here is one of the Magical Hummingbirds that helped Christeve on her way. 


More tomorrow………



A Bientôt




The choir……

This morning I attended a carol singing service at my Mother’s nursing home.     The choir was made up of children from the local school where I did some work a couple of months ago…..

The arrival of the choir.    They walked from their school which is just around the corner.


Lots of layers to be removed….


Then getting settled in preparation for the performance.   The little cat in the Santa outfit is the school mascot.


And then the performance…..with lots of acting involved.


Members of the choir looking on at one of the musicians….


And three of the accompanying musicians….


It was WONDERFUL – and everyone enjoyed enormously….That’s what Christmas is all about.

Have a wonderful weekend.

A Bientôt


The Art of Brick….something different.

I Skype with my daughter every week….and last Thursday she told me about an amazing exhibit she saw in Boston…..The Art of Brick – Lego Art  – by artist Nathan Sawaya.

All the works are made from Lego Bricks!

photo 3-4

In this image you can see the little faces of my darling great niece and nephew on the other side of the show case:)

photo 4-3

This is bigger than life size.

photo 1-6

Remember these are all made from Lego bricks!


And I think this has to be my favourite.

photo 2-4

Even the hummingbirds are amazed!:)




A Bientôt