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Spontaneous watercolour/gouache painting plus assorted palettes.

“The creative process is all about experimenting, letting go of the logical information that our brains have processed during our lifetimes, and embracing the concept of seeing our world in a much broader sense”    Janet Weight Reed – The Apple Exercise

This image is about being spontaneous – not being governed by an imagined outcome.  a case of going with the flow.…...watercolour/gouache20-11-15-1-510

I began with a mix of burnt sienna and prussian blue to make the darks, along with glorious Winsor & Newton Green Gold – a wonderfully transparent pigment.


Working very fast and using an old image as a  ‘jumping off point’ I begin to build up the whole composition.

All white areas are dry white paper…..


Continuing to work rapidly, I start to build up the image..using a mix of transparent watercolour and opaque designer gouache.      I use a knife to scrape out areas…to give a sense of energy.


I am not concerned about the end result…rather am enjoying the process of letting go and applying juicy paint to the paper…

As is the case with all of life...it’s all about the journey and not the destination……..


Building layers of paint, I have allowed some of the transparent watercolours to show through.   At the same time I add gouache to add opaque areas to the image.    All whites are dry white paper. 

I was going to add a hummingbird – maybe later…..


I have been asked what palettes I use for my watercolours…..this image shows a selection.

I am a creature of habit…and have had some of these palettes for over thirty years..namely the round palette and the tiny sketching palette.

The smaller palette in bottom left corner with fold over lid is perfect for travelling – and the large palette on right with lid is also goof for long haul trips.      When I run out of colour in my tiny palette, I simply refill it with tube paint.

I don’t clean off all the paint between painting sessions.     I run the palette under the tap using a brush to remove the messy areas.      This leaves blobs of pure colour which are still perfectly usable!     If it dries completely, you simply re-activate with water.


A magical hummingbird for the week ahead….

If you visit http://www.zazzle.com/janet+weight+reed+gifts  you will see that the magical hummingbirds have been very busy:)



A bientôt

Turning to Mother Nature….

Along with painting, Mother Nature always gives me solace…..and so during a very difficult time in the UK….I give you the hope and energy of a glorious sunflower. 


And of course a magical hummingbird soaring above all the madness……

20-11-15 - 1 (20)Enjoy the weekend…

A Bientôt

Peace and love via the Magical Hummingbirds.

‘Hear my soul speak:  The very instant that I saw you, did My Heart fly to your service’.   William Shakespeare – The Tempest.


Have a weekend, surrounded by Magical Hummingbirds and filled with peace and love. 

A Bientôt

A bouquet of sunshine.

Given that we are experiencing a deep freeze – (no where near as bad as other parts of the world), but still cold, here is another bouquet of spring flowers.

I painted this large oil on canvas in 1979…..

til August 10 370

As I walk on the cold, hard ground, I remind myself that beneath the surface, Mother Nature is working her magic…..and indeed it wont be long before we see buds on trees and shrubs awaken.    The crocus has already begun to show its face in many parts of the UK.

Having migrated south, the magical hummingbirds are presently enjoying warmth and sunshine.  Come spring, they will begin their journey back to northern climes.


We mere humans simply have to be patient:)

A Bientôt

A very special hummingbird gift from my late Godmother.

I received a lovely gift this week from my late Godmother’s children.      They had been going through some of her belongings when a little hummingbird brooch appeared.


As a child my Godmother/Aunt Joan, had been one of my favourite people.    Always happy and  relaxed she was a joy to be around.

Given that hummingbirds are only just becoming well known in the UK…signifying more exotic and warmer climes, I imagine she found this little brooch on one of her many travels abroad.


Many ancient peoples believed that hummingbirds were messengers between different worlds, symbolising eternity, continuity and infinity. 


I will cherish this little brooch and consider it a message from my Aunt Joan who is hopefully smiling broadly and enjoying a new and different world:)


On that note, I hope that everyone is holding up during the run up to Christmas.   It can all get a bit much…..however, today I will go to a carol singing concert given by the little children from  St. Mary’s School.    The same children I painted with a couple of months ago.



A Bientôt



The joy of flying with magical hummingbirds….

When I am drifting off to sleep I often imagine myself flying alongside the magical hummingbirds.     It helps me to see the world from a different point of view.


To see the bigger picture…


Rather than getting caught up in all the minutiae of life….

It’s very freeing……


I hope everyone has a lovely weekend filled with magical hummingbirds and the occasional good cup of tea – or whatever else appeals:)





A  Bientôt

Life is like a landscape…..

Life is like a landscape.   You live in the midst of it but can describe it only from the vantage point of distance.     Charles Lindbergh.


The creative process is all about experimenting, letting go of the logical information that our brains have processed during our lifetimes, and embracing the concept of seeing our world in a much broader sense.          The Apple Exercise – Janet Weight Reed


Or like a jigsaw puzzle – where all the pieces are interconnected.


Observing details from the natural world, helps us to understand the bigger picture. 


Have a Magical Hummingbird day.



A Bientôt