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The Colours of the Spirit

‘Nature always wears the colours of the spirit’,   Ralph Waldo Emerson

The post war London that I was born into in January 1946, was a city seemingly devoid of colour.

As a very young child, my Father would take me to the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square where I would marvel at the paintings.     However, what really excited me were the pavement artists working in front of the museum.   I remember the vibrant colours they used – so full of life and energy.


We only have to look at the bounties of Mother Nature to experience the joy of colour.

The change of each season brings with it a new colour palette….and a continuous source of inspiration.


Colour can influence our thinking.   It can irritate or sooth.  It can lower blood pressure or suppress the appetite.   As a form of communication, colour is vital.


Colour can change the shape of war….it can heal a broken spirit or sick body.


When I apply colour to paper or canvas, I feel a sense of well being.


‘I try to apply colours like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music’.  Joan Miro


Wishing everyone a lovely weekend.   I will be back here on Monday.



A Bientôt