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Portrait painting using watercolour

in 1995, I had an exhibition of portraits in Brittany, France.      The portraits were of people I had painted in the United States, Wales, England and France.

I was asked by the Gallery to give watercolour demonstrations during the month of the exhibition.    Given that it was based on portraiture, I decided to ask some of some of the local people to sit for me.

Although I had painted water colour portraits over the previous years, this proved to be the beginning of my painting spontaneous watercolour portraits wherever I travelled.      I quickly realised that using the spontaneity of watercolour, I could capture the essence of my subject in about thirty minutes or less. 

I painted this large portrait of Caroline, when giving a painting demonstration in Le Pecq, Paris some years after the exhibition in Brittany.

In this instance, I am painting the portrait on an already prepared cadmium orange ground.


I am using juicy watercolours from tubes – and as is always the case with my portraits of humans or animals, I draw with my brush and begin with the eyes. 


Caroline was a wonderfully colourful and dramatic subject….



I am feeling the urge to get on the road again and paint more portraits:)

A Bientôt

subjects with a sense of immediacy and 

Trenton Falls Arts Festival 2014


The Trenton Falls Arts Festival, in beautiful upstate New York has an international flavour to it.    Here’s the story. 

Nine years ago I was introduced to the founder of the festival, Anne Kerleo, who is originally from Brittany in France.    When we met she was living in Le Pecq a suburb south west of Paris.     It took very little conversation to realise that we had much in common and as our friendship developed, more and more similarities in our lives came to the surface. 

Trenton Falls. 


Like me,  after many years of living, working and raising a family in the States, Anne had returned home to France.   

When we met, I had been back in the UK for 12 years and Anne in France for a similar amount of time.    


Then in 2006, Anne returned to the States to be with an elderly friend who was coming to the end of her life….and at a dinner party was introduced to Nathan.     It was one of those – none of us is ever creative enough to know how things will actually work out moments………

After a period of commuting back and forth across the Atlantic, Anne and Nathan were married and purchased the property close to Trenton Falls.    One of the key attractions is a huge barn which was used as a theatre in years gone by.    The barn immediately triggered the idea for an arts festival. 


Knowing both Anne and Nathan, it was no surprise to me that the Festival was an immediate success…and is now looking forward to it’s third year. – See the attached poster and do visit the website which gives much information.   http://www.trentonfalls-festival.com

The Trenfon Falls area is beautiful, and for anyone who loves Autumn colours a great place to visit in October.   Even though I have been back in the UK/Europe for twenty-one years, I still miss the intense colours and atmosphere of autumn found in New England. 

Along with the excellent fine arts and photographic exhibits, there are many other attractions for adults and children.    It also offers a good opportunity to meet with some of the exhibiting artists.    

Make sure to check out the website http://www.trentonfalls-festival.com    I only wish that I could be there…..

Of course I must include Magical Hummingbirds to bring good fortune.

Magical Hummingbird enjoying autumn colours. 



A Bientôt