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Quintin – Little boy lost. –

This is another short, true story about a ‘little boy lost – named Quintin’

Watercolour portrait of Quintin 


‘I was staying with friends in Scaer, a small town in Brittany, France.    It was the summer of 1995, and the day was very hot.

Friends of my hosts came to visit with their children, along with a little boy who had recently become the victim of a difficult divorce.      His Mother, a solicitor, had recently moved to Paris for work – and the Father had gone elsewhere.

It was clear from the moment I met the little boy that he felt alienated…unable to join in with the other children.     For that matter, I was feeling a little alienated myself, in that the talk was all about the parent’s divorce.

I took him into the garden where we found a shady spot beneath a beautiful tree.   We sat together for a long time…just quietly taking one another in.

When I started to sketch him with my watercolours, he began to show interest.    For the first time he spoke and told me his name was ‘Quintin’  –  in England we would spell and pronounce it as Quentin.

I am not sure exactly how long we sat together, but I do know that by the time I painted the portrait shown here, we had established a special bond.

Sometime later that day, Quintin and the people who had brought him left.    I will never forget how difficult it was for us both to say goodbye.

I never saw Quintin again, or found out what happened to him.     Today he would be about 25 years old.     If I were ever to meet him again, I would give him this portrait.

I also hope that the magical hummingbirds are looking over him, wherever he is.


A bientôt