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5 photos – 5 day challenge – Family Portrait

Day 2 of the 5 photos – 5 day challenge 

June 1975 at Long Lake, Maine. – Family portrait P1160413 After moving from Florida to Staten Island, New York in the spring of 1966, life moved on and I entered a period which I could never have  predicted….

My first marriage was dissolved, and I became a single working mother in New York during the Mad Men era. – a story unto itself.     Commuting back and forth to Manhattan on the Staten Island Ferry, I observed as the World Trade Center – Twin Towers  being built….

All notions of making art had to be tabled….however most weekends I took Jarrod into Manhattan to visit the Central Park Zoo and as many galleries as possible.    The  important thing was that I established independence.  

Working as a registered representative for the New York Stock Exchange on the White, Weld & Co trading desk.       The equipment shown here was state of the art at that time. 

til August 10 178

By 1972, I was planning on returning to the UK in time for Jarrod to begin school, and then out of the blue, I met and married my second husband.

We set up home/studio in the West Chester, Pennsylvania area.    This was the beginning of my career as a working artist.      In 1976, the year after my daughter Christie was born, I had been picked up by Newman Galleries, Philadelphia and had my first solo exhibition at the Chester County Arts Association. 

Of course this was only the beginning my journey as a working artist.

til August 10 197 

Back to the Family Portrait.

As I look at this photograph, I am reminded of how precious our short time on this earth is.

In 1976 when this family portrait was taken, no one could have been creative enough to imagine the technological world that we live in today.  

Most importantly it reminds me to make the most of every single moment……

Have a Magical Hummingbird day……


A Bientôt

Beware of the Chattering Monkeys

I was fortunate to go to art college in the early sixties where  the importance of figure drawing/painting was emphasised.    During the coming week, I will write more about this discipline and how it formed the foundation block for my creative life.

For today, this twenty minute watercolour portrait of a model painted at the Boathouse Studio demonstrates some of the same techniques that I have been showing in my tutorials.  


All the white, is white paper.   I have used a mix of Burnt Sienna and Prussian Blue for the darks with hints of Cadmium Orange and a touch of violet. 

One of the key elements in preventing creatives from working on a consistent basis, are The Chattering Moneys. 


Chattering Monkeys are the little demons that fill our heads with reasons why we should not, and cannot do something!

They are the Yin to our Yang…..

I am sure just as you begin to paint, they are telling you that you don’t have time and that you can’t draw or paint anyway!

Ignore them. 

Just begin, and eventually they will go away……..

‘Do not encumber your mind with useless thoughts.   What good does it do to brood on the past or anticipate the future?   Remain in the simplicity of the present moment.      From the book Buddhist Offerings. 

A Bientôt