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Feeding our senses through the creative process……

‘Feeding our senses through the creative process, in all its many forms, can produce almost miraculous changes, which lead to a sense of well being and fulfilment’.    From my book ‘The Apple Exercise’.

rapid watercolour sketch –  Monet’s Garden at Giverny.


A Bientôt

More sunshine and warmth – beginning with a sunflower…..

Although today’s weather looks a little more promising….I thought I would continue with the sunshine and warmth theme……and what better way to express this than with a sunflower. 



along with two more sketches from Monet’s garden at Giverney…

The lily pond – watercolour


Lily pond – watercolour/gouache


And a colourful magical hummingbird. 


A Bientôt

Bringing some warmth and sunshine into the day….

Conca dei Marini – Amalfi Coast, Italy. – watercolour/gouahce


Here in the UK….we are experiencing a cold snap, with high winds, rain and a feeling of autumn.   This will change by the weekend, but for now I am bringing some warmth and sunshine into the day via sketches I have made in some lovely warm places.

Monet’s garden at Giverney.    I was most privileged (thanks to my artist friend Mariethe Salort) to sit and paint in the garden alone after all the visitors had gone.   watercolour/gouache


A very special july 4th at Curriers sur Sein – with friends Mariethe, Bonnie and Yves TaxiDriver:)   watercolour/gouache


Painting with two member of the group in Portugal…I am under the sun hat….

I don’t particularly enjoy very hot weather, but I can remember how lovely it felt to be be on that beach feeling the warmth of the sun……It will come again….


Magical hummingbirds floating in sunshine.


A Bientôt

More colour and sunshine

More colour and sunshine today…..to express the way I am starting to feel again:)

These four plein air watercolour/gouache sketches were painted during some very happy moments in France.


I can paint water reflections all day long….There’s something about disappearing deep down into the reflection.


From the day I painted in Monet’s Garden after all the tourists had gone home….what a gift.


Monet’s Garden.


And of course a colourful, Magical Hummingbird…..




A Bientôt

The Importance of Keeping Sketch Books – 2

Carrying a sketch book at all times is a good idea, however this time of year is perfect to put a small sketch book, palette, brush and pen into your bag.    Then find a place in nature where you can doodle and enjoy….oh and don’t forget something to eat and drink…

Sketch books come in all sizes….and although I like to carry a pocket sized book for quick notes, every now and then I will use a bigger tablet, which was the case with this sketch book I used in France during the summer of 2012.

The first two rapid watercolours appealed because of the reflections of the boat and overhanging trees…plus it was such a peaceful place to sit on the banks of the Sein.



This sketch was painted on July 4th 2012….I was with artists, Mariethe Salort, and Bonnie Halsey Dutton….We had just enjoyed a lovely champagne lunch provided by dear Yves….our taxi driver:)

Courriers sur Sein  – watercolour and gouache 


We spent another blissful day in the beautiful village of Gerberoy.   I remember that the Tour de France was close by that day, and every time we passed riders, we yelled ‘Viva La France’ from the car…

This sketch was from the church which sat high up over the village of Gerberoy,  overlooking the beautiful French countryside.


Mariethe Salort managed to arrange for us to paint in Monet’s Garden at Giverney after all the tourists had gone.     It was a wonderful experience to sit in the gardens with no one else around.

Sitting in Monet’s Garden, all alone. 


A bridge over the lily pond at Monet’s Garden, Giverney. 



Remember to click on images to see a larger version.


You might even see some Magical Hummingbirds.




A Bientôt