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Spontaneous painting

My trusty companion for many years, water colour, is the perfect medium for spontaneous painting.     

No matter where I am in the world or what I am doing, I can always pull out my watercolours…..and I am immediately transported to a quiet, gentle, meditative place.

Rapid watercolour


Over the years, primarily using watercolours, I have recorded the people and places I have encountered.

Young girl at the Mission Hill School, Boston, USA


This has allowed me to meet and interact with people in a very special way.

This portrait of Catherine was painted on the day before her marriage a year and a half ago.     I first painted Catherine when she was four.


Like life drawing – these spontaneous portraits are all about observation.     If they take more than thirty minutes they don’t work.

Rapid life study.


My goal is to get under the skin of my subject – capturing the essence of the moment.

In this case, the nape of the neck says so much about the subject.


A Bientôt