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Vienna 1 – text

Good morning,

Until I get my wireless keyboard/iMac Apple desk top sorted, I will be posting images and text in separate posts.   Hope to have it fixed by the weekend.

When I tutor workshops a key element is helping participants to loosen up and be more spontaneous.    Regardless of where someone wants to take their art, even for those who are striving for super realism, loose, spontaneous sketches help people to see what it is the are painting and to become more confident.

The first frame shows a photograph of the Neptune sculpture…..taken in Vienna.

Frame 2 –    shows a rapid sketch using a felt tip pen.    I then add colour into the negative space surrounding the image, and at the same time indicate some dark shadow areas.     Always working the whole image.   When I add colour to one area, I immediately ask myself where else can I put the same colour.      All life is interconnected.

Frame 3 –    In frame 3 I add more strong colour into the negative space and at the same time add turquoise…..which again is moved around the image.

Frame 4 –    In this final frame, note that the colour surrounding the form, reveals the sculpture.    I have worked rapidly to achieve a sense of movement and energy.

When tutoring on the Algarve, Portugal in April, we will be doing a lot of these spontaneous sketches.

There are still spaces available for the ‘Art in the Algarve Workshop.    For further details go to http://www.artinthealgarve.com

A bientot.