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Bringing some warmth and sunshine into the day….

Conca dei Marini – Amalfi Coast, Italy. – watercolour/gouahce


Here in the UK….we are experiencing a cold snap, with high winds, rain and a feeling of autumn.   This will change by the weekend, but for now I am bringing some warmth and sunshine into the day via sketches I have made in some lovely warm places.

Monet’s garden at Giverney.    I was most privileged (thanks to my artist friend Mariethe Salort) to sit and paint in the garden alone after all the visitors had gone.   watercolour/gouache


A very special july 4th at Curriers sur Sein – with friends Mariethe, Bonnie and Yves TaxiDriver:)   watercolour/gouache


Painting with two member of the group in Portugal…I am under the sun hat….

I don’t particularly enjoy very hot weather, but I can remember how lovely it felt to be be on that beach feeling the warmth of the sun……It will come again….


Magical hummingbirds floating in sunshine.


A Bientôt

The Art School – Olhao, Portugal – http://www.artinthealgarve.com – (4)

The weekly market in Olhao is a feast for the eyes and once again just minutes from the School.     It is spread along the water front next to the two large Market Halls that are open every day. olhao market It is bustling with energy and activity.     Farmers and people with small holdings come in from many different places to sell their wares. It was here that I purchased the calla lilies for 2 euro!       One stem would cost that and much or more in London….P1150813 This market provides seasonal eating from sea and land – and everything displayed is of excellent quality. P1150821



Given the crowds, we split up as a group and sketch, or take photographs as we please.     I love to observe the local people.    Ideal for portrait painters.

Several of the group happily sketching – with an interested observer.

.  P1150832P1150859

I missed a wonderful band this year, but remember so well the music and these dancers from last year.

ImageImage This is a place that feeds all the senses, including taste.   Some of the goods on offer are simply delicious including the local honey.

The Portugese custard tarts, are to die for…….once tried, never forgotten🙂   The custard is in a creme brûlée like consistency, caramelised in a puff pastry case. 

Portuguese Custard Tarts (Pastel de Nata or de Belém).   A close-up of traditional Portuguese custard pastries that consists of custard in a crème brûlée-like consistency caramelized fashion in a puff pastry case.

I really enjoy that all the different elements are joined together in one big celebration of life.    There are many sellers of flowers, and to see them in front of the Lagoon with boats behind provides a wonderful contrast.


As I mentioned earlier, Olhao is the largest fishing port on the Algarve.     What a great place to view the fruits of the sea.     It brings an awareness of how precious Mother Nature’s bounty is both from sea and land.  


Storks play an important part of life in Olhao….and can be seen nesting on top of the church and other high places.

I took this photograph on the walk from the market.


After a lovely morning, it’s lunch at 7 imeio wine bar where the food and service are superb.      David (AKA Bazil) owns this establishment  – one I highly recommend.

After lunch a two hour free period and more painting, and then a another excellent evening meal at O Bote.      

Tomorrow, our visit to the beautiful Island of Armona. 

The magical hummingbirds were clearly in residence.


A Bientôt