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An ongoing process…..

Another glance into an Olhao alley, Portugal. – http://www.artinthealgarve.com


There is no final Ta Da in my work….it is an ongoing process.    

Given that everything is interconnected, my creative life doesn’t stop when I put down my brushes.      It flows and continues through my thoughts and actions in all areas of my life.


When I first exhibited in the early seventies – I was quickly picked up as a Wildlife Painter.    A reputable gallery took me into their stable, and it appeared that I was off to a flying start.

For fourteen years I painted large watercolours and oils in the wildlife genre.   My attempts to move towards new subject matter were not appreciated.


Ultimately I broke the cycle and began a new series of work in the mid eighties.     The point of this is to say that the creative process is exactly that….a process.

We are never finished…rather always beginning. 


Now, many years later I am incorporating wildlife into my large oil paintings, which are about Interconnections…..


A Bientôt

Visual thinking….

From as early as I can remember my thought process has always been visual.    As soon as I have an idea images are immediately presented to my mind’s eye, which is why it’s vital to allow my mind the space to receive these images. 



Yes, I learn from the written word about the symbolism of the peacock and the hummingbird, however it is through visual thinking that my mind organises the information intuitively.



The peacock, symbolises renewal, immortality and resurrection.   Early belief held that the Gates of Paradise are guarded by a pair of peacocks.     The Greeks dedicated the peacock to Juno the goddess of sky and stars, in recognition of the golden circles and blue background of the peacock tail. 

When I read these words, I visualise our planet as the Gates of Paradise, and the sky and stars as a portal to the universe showing how all of life is interconnected.



Working intuitively is key.    When painting a portrait it is vital to see beneath the vaneer of my sitter….and the same applies to all my other work.     



Watercolour helps me to understand and develop my visual thinking.    My quick watercolour studies work for me as written notes might work more effectively for another. 

Watercolour also helps me to warm up each day.    

It is important to note that in this frame, I have added the slightest hint of violet into the negative space next to the peacock’s bill and the hummingbird’s head.     This reminds us of the need to be constantly aware of the whole.






A Bientôt