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Processing information beyond the Intellectual – Interconnections

I have a relatively small bolt hole in London where I paint and live.    Consequently I have had to be creative in organising the space.  It’s more studio than living which suits me very well.

Along with my watercolour painting, I work on large canvases and have paintings stacked against walls, etc.      However, the light is good, and it meets all my needs until Marmite Heaven is revealed.

This image shows my new watercolour brush on the work table in the foreground and a large oil on canvas (still a work in progress) against the wall.P1160490

This is the story behind the series….and how it has developed since 1982, when I first spent time on Isle-au-Haut – an island in the Penobscot Bay – Maine.   I am hoping to return there next year.

In hindsight, I can see that until this point – my work was all about acquiring technical know-how and very little about the intangible – or thinking beyond the intellectual.     

It was while water-colour painting and sketching the incredible rock formations on Boom Beach, Isle-au-Haut,  that I had the sudden and intense insight that all of life is interconnected….I began to see and understand the ‘whole’ rather than life in fragmentation and can now see that this was when I began to process information beyond the intellectual…..

This large oil on canvas was painted in 1982 after my insight on Isle-au-haut.    Here I have integrated the human form with the rock formations…….It’s about the poignant moment when people turn their backs on one another. 

Although this painting might appear to be unrelated to the large canvases I am now working on…..in fact they are totally interconnected.            

til August 10 432

Since 1982, I have worked on many corporate/private commissions, exhibitions and so on, but throughout the journey, it is this series that holds my real interest.

When painting, regardless of size or subject matter….the fact is that when we change one tiny fraction of a painting – we change the whole….and this is true for life.

I believe that until we as a human species fully understand this concept….we will continue to self destruct.      

More about the paintings I am working now….

When I sit and observe nature….I see a symphony of colour/shape/shade/light – and natural rhythms.     There are no beginnings or endings – everything is interconnected. 

Using symbolic imagery – my goal, as this series develops, is to establish an intangible energy and rhythm in the paintings – celebrating the interconnections rather than the separations…

A Bientôt